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White Daytime Smokes set off large amounts of white smoke which are started by releasing the wire ring pull on the cannister. White plumes of smoke are then delivered from a single vent found at the top of the torch, there are no external flames from the product. White daytime smokes can be used for several various events which includes birthdays, weddings, photoshoots, paintballing, filming and theatre special effects. Our white daytime smokes have a fantastic duration with each smoke lasting at least 60 seconds. With an easy ring pull to activate.

Meanwhile, all our products are CE tested and surpass all quality testing for the European and UK market. Also let’s not forget that we also have in stock many other colours available for sale online or instore. Other colours available from our two showrooms in Essex and Suffolk. Or at our online store. Including Pink and Blue (Which are excellent for baby showers and gender reveal parties) Yellow, Black, Green, Red and Purple. These products are of an excellent quality and can be handheld. With the handle area clearly marked on each product.

Our coloured smokes are for outdoor use only. Also, not for sale to under 18s. We also highly advise that you follow the safety advice and instructions very carefully before using the white daytime smokes. In addition, always check the wind direction before releasing the ring pull. Whilst ensuring that the wind is going away from your body. Store the product in a safe dry place before use. and never inhale the smoke. In the case of a misfunction, place the item in a bucket of water and soak for several hours. If your event is going to finish before the sun goes down, then brighten up your event with some colourful effects.