Buy your 2022 fireworks online

Buy fireworks from Dynamic Fireworks Colchester and The Firework Emporium Ipswich. Ensure your 2022 Bonfire Night or firework party will be a resounding success with our premium quality. We have many different kinds of fireworks for sale including fountains, rockets, wheels and candles. Our products are competitively priced with many excellent discounts available in our fireworks for sale section. We provide a personalised approach to satisfying your fireworks requirements and provide fast delivery on all orders.

Where to buy our fireworks?

There are two ways to get your fireworks through Dynamic Fireworks, you can order online or buy them at our showroom. First of all we love to help our customers in person when buying fireworks. That is why we have two showrooms: Dynamic Fireworks in Colchester and Firework Emporium Ipswish. Our showrooms have a wide range of fireworks to choose from and you will be able to take most of them directly to your home, ready to use. We understand that our stores are not always near to everyone. But that might not be a problem to get our products to your home!

Our webshop offers all of the products we sell in our showrooms as well. Before you decide on what you want to buy, you will be able to watch fireworks video’s, which gives you an idea of what you get. No need for you to pick up the fireworks somewhere because we deliver them right to your door.

The best fireworks to buy online

Add exciting dynamism to your special occasion and leave your guests with bright and colourful memories of the great night they had. Buy the best fireworks in the UK from Dynamic Fireworks and The Firework Emporium to bring blazing brilliance to proceedings with our range of high-quality fireworks. At Dynamic Fireworks we have the best firework to buy that light up the night sky and provide a spectacular booming centerpiece for your celebrations.

Order the 2022 fireworks collection online

Look around at our website and be dazzled by the fireworks range available. Buy fireworks from us and you can rest assured that you will receive sensational fireworks that conform to strict safety regulations. We have years of expertise and pride ourselves on our customer service excellence. The success of your event is our success. That is why we channel our expertise into choosing the finest selection for you to order fireworks online from.

Do you know what the best fireworks in the UK are? We have summed up a few of the best fireworks to buy for you, where we will break down the differences and main specifics of these fireworks.

Cakes & Barrages

Cakes & Barrages are ground-based fireworks, from which they erupt their sparkles in towards the sky. They display a wide array of colours and loud noises. You can buy fireworks with a display lasting from 15 seconds up to 3 minutes.


Like all fireworks, rockets start at ground level from which they shoot up in the sky. Unlike with Cakes where the box stays behind on the floor, with rockets all off it goes up in the sky. There the rocket erupts once or it will erupt multiple times.


The Roman Candle is one of the most traditional types of fireworks. After you put the candle in the ground lit the ignition they will shoot it’s effect up to 21 meters in the air. Our candles are available in single tubes and as roman candle bundle.


Fountains are a generally low-noise type of ground-based fireworks. These fireworks will project a shower of sparks, colourful pearls, whistles and crackle, up to 6 meters. Our fountains will provide a display lasting from 30 seconds up to fountains with a display of 2 minutes.


Mines are similar to fountains. Unlike with fountains the colourful eruptions from the mines come with a big bang after which they burst into colourful bouquets.

Lancework and Wheels fireworks

Lancework and Wheels fireworks are a traditional set-piece addition to any display. Wheels fireworks need to be attached to an upright pole. These fireworks have  a motor that thrust to spin. Lancework fireworks are custom made art that can make words and images in the sky.

Visit our showrooms

Order products online from our webshop or visit us and buy them at one of our all year round. We have showrooms in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk. If you buy fireworks in the showroom you can speak with our friendly, firework knowledgeable advisers. They will help you to find the products that suit your needs. Did you know we are able to rely our fireworks on to intensify the excitement of your event. Contact Dynamic Fireworks via email at or on 01206 762123 and The Firework Emporium via email at or on 01473 729600