Compound Fireworks are multiple cakes or barrages that come in a single box on a board. They come pre-fused together, so you only have to light one fuse. This sets each one off in turn giving you a complete display. While all compound fireworks will have a variety of stunning effects. Including Mines, Comets, Stars and Pearls. Each individual firework will contain a different number of shots, and duration. Also, these fireworks can be angled, straight or a mix of angled and straight firing. Giving you a truly wonderful display in a box. With that added advantage of only having to light one fuse.

Here at Dynamic Fireworks, we have chosen our compound fireworks to bring you the very best of various colourful effects and sound. We guarantee whatever you choose for you display, small or large, you will not be disappointed. So, whether you are planning a big birthday party, wedding, anniversary, New Year’s Eve party, or Fireworks Night, compound fireworks are a great option. and saves you from having to return to light new fireworks. And the beauty of igniting a compound firework only once, means you can be a spectator with everyone else. And to help you make the right choice with also added a video of our products for you to check out. Just look at the product and click for play icon to view. Meanwhile, please check out our safety video to help you and your spectators keep safe. Or have a look at our Safety Guide.

Responsibilities with Compound Fireworks

Warn neighbours in advance of the display especially if there are any young children, elderly, pets or animals in the vicinity. Make sure the firing site is clear of any overhanging trees or similar. Anybody setting off the fireworks must be over the age of 18 and should familiarise themselves with the firework and where the fuses are located. Make sure the instructions and required minimum safety distances on the label are followed.

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