Wax Torches, Firing Systems & Miscellaneous
Where to get extras from Lanterns, Wax Torches & Miscellaneous items

Firstly, check out our wide selection of  Wax Torches, Smokes & Miscellaneous items. To help you with your firework display preparations.
First of all, our Chinese Flying Lanterns ideal for parties, BBQs and weddings. Especially best when launched in groups. These lanterns rise as they fill with hot air. An unusual and serene effect. Particularly very popular for any outdoor event. Where you want to create a magical, low noise effect. Actually, these beautiful lanterns rise gracefully into the night sky.

Please note we only supply high-quality lanterns. Which are readily assembled complete with a long burning wick. Also with flameproof and biodegradable paper.
While our Wax torches are ideal for use in gardens for summer BBQs. In addition to torchlight processions and parades at Guy Fawkes. On the whole, these wax torches can add a great atmosphere to your event.
Extra items for use with your fireworks

Please note that all orders do not include portfires. Rocket launchers, safety goggles or earplugs. We recommend purchasing these items besides your fireworks order. For your own safety and convenience. Portfires are classed as outdoor fireworks and cannot be sent by normal post.