Great Value Firework Sparklers

Our Sparklers are always popular with children and adults at many firework displays. Furthermore, they provide fun and excitement for all. As a result, these fireworks can help provide an extra source of revenue at organised events, they also are a great addition to weddings, birthdays or photoshoots and more.

We have a wide range with different effects and sizes available. Also, you can buy them as a single pack or as part of one of our bulk buy deals. Hence the more you buy the greater the savings!

What are Sparklers?

To start with, a sparkler is a hand-held firework that produces slow burning sparks and coloured flames while burning. Typically children use them at the bonfire night and Guy Fawkes displays within the UK. As well as for the United States Independence Day celebrations and Diwali celebrations. These fireworks are often used to shoot creative photo’s with because it is a type of fireworks that is easy to photograph. By using high shutter speed, you will be able to draw in the sky with a shower of sparks.

Sparklers in different colours and sizes

Did you know high-quality sparklers are available in different colours and sizes? They can be from 20cm in length to over 1 metre? With a duration that can last between 25 and 90 seconds. At Dynamic fireworks, we can provide you with 10″ and 18″. The most common colour is the gold one, but there are many more colours available as well. These will be great for creating effects.

Stunning Wedding Sparklers Photo’s

Sparklers are becoming more and more popular at weddings. These firework showers of sparks are being used for favours. They will be used at weddings as decoration or to celebrate married couples. And also to create stunning and memorable photo’s from the day.

Birthday sparklers

Burning sparklers on a birthday cake are becoming more and more a tradition as well. Birthdays are always a special day, especially for kids. These fireworks are almost always a success with children, at birthday parties, on their cakes or as a special decoration.

Don’t forget Sparkler Safety

Therefore like any other type of firework, sparklers can be dangerous. For safety do not let children under the age fo 5 years old use these type of fireworks. Be aware that the spent sparklers can reach a very high temperature. As a final point, we recommend having a bucket of water or sand to put used them in. Always read the consumer product safety guidelines before using these fireworks.

Organised Events

It is recommended to set up a roped off area for the sale and supervised use of sparklers, like a boxing ring. This has the advantage of containing the spent wires from the used ones and would act as a safety precaution as well. Do not give sparklers to children under 5 years old and should always be supervised by an adult.

Buy sparklers online at Dynamic Fireworks

Where to buy sparklers near me? There is no need to visit our showroom in order to get them! At Dynamic fireworks, we have sparklers for sale, and you are able to buy them online! We have a wide range, ranging from large to smaller ones. We even have the possibility for you to watch videos of your preferred ones, so you know what you can expect of it before you buy your fireworks online.

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