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Ashes Fireworks


Dynamic Fireworks sister company Heavenly Stars Fireworks, who are the market leaders in the incorporation of ashes into fireworks. Have been offering this unique service since 2007, using specially tested and authorised fireworks. Allowing you to send your loved one off in spectacular and colourful fashion and making it a celebration of their life.

We can offer a variety of stunning self-fire tributes for you to set off at home or loved one’s favourite place, to spectacular professional memorial firework displays.

The process has been developed to be respectful, caring and discreet at what can be a very distressing time. Our compassionate staff are on hand to help you with arranging our services for you, which can be done via a funeral director, family member or friend.

Our self-fire tribute packages start from £299.00 with our stunning Celebration of Life firework barrage to our Legacy Package containing the Celebration of Life barrage and 8 spectacular large ashes rockets at £899.00 – we can also offer additional fireworks accompaniments should you wish to further enhance your memorial events.

We can also provide professional memorial displays at your loved one’s favourite location or choreographed to their favourite musical choice, with prices starting from £1250.00 for A Fond Goodbye.

Our friendly team are happy to discuss your requirements and help you choose the perfect firework send off.

Self fire tribute fireworks

With each of our self-fire ashes fireworks you can personalise them with a personal message, favourite song lyrics or just their nickname on tribute labels around your chosen firework. This comes along with the certificate of incorporation with your loved one’s name and a guide to safety.

We offer four tribute packages giving you a great mix of effects and duration.

Legacy Package


Building upon the spectacular Remembrance display package, the legacy contains a total of eight spectacular ashes rockets and the stunning celebration of life firework barrage combining 600 grams of your loved one to send off into the skies, with a saving of £100.00 off individual items.

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Remembrance Package


Designed to our own specification and combining together to incorporate 400 grams of your loved one’s ashes. Each rocket will reach a staggering height of over 200 feet before bursting into huge breaks of purple coconut, crackling flower, blue peony and gold willow. Our Celebration of Life barrages producing a stunning array of coloured peonies, crackling dragon eggs and coloured chrysanthemum bouquets and offering a saving of £55.00 on buying separately.

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Ashes Rockets


A pack of four stunning big effect rockets with each one scattering approximately 50 grams (200 grams total) of your loved one high into the skies reaching over 200 feet with beautiful effects including purple coconut, crackling flower and gold willows. With their large burst these rockets will send your loved one off with a bang

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Celebration of Life


A spectacular multi-shot memorial firework barrage made to our own specification offering a variety of beautiful effects such as crackling dragons’ eggs and coloured peonies to scattering your loved one’s ashes at over 100 feet, with a long duration this tribute fireworks offers a memorable send off. The Celebration of Life Ashes Firework will disperse approximately 200 grams of your loved one’s ashes.

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Let us help you chose your package

Get in touch today with our experienced and friendly team and we’ll help you create a firework show of the highest standards.

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Proffesional memorial ashes display

For a more spectacular firework send-off we offer a stunning range of professionally fired tribute firework displays. Our firework displays are designed to your specific requirements whether that be a special colour scheme to match the loved one’s favourite football team or choreographed to their favourite piece of music. Each display is specifically created to send your loved one off into the heavens in spectacular fashion through the use of high quality and stunning aerial shells, multi-shot barrages, roman candle and mines all culminating in a truly impressive firework finale.


A short and truly spectacular firework send-off display offering a colourful and varied display of fireworks culminating in an almighty finish.

Duration: Recommended 2-3 Minutes
Choice of Colours: Yes
Choice of Fireworks: Yes
Musical Choreography: No

A touching tribute – PRICES FROM £1995

A spectacular mix of colour and effects to truly celebrate a life in fireworks and make a long lasting and ‘touching tribute’ for your loved one.

Duration: Recommended 4-5 Minutes
Choice of Colours: Yes
Choice of Fireworks: Yes
Musical Choreography: Available


A magnificent display that builds and builds creating a sky filling display of colours and effects across the heavens leaving a lasting memory to all those present.

Duration: Recommended 5-6 Minutes
Choice of Colours: Yes
Choice of Fireworks: Yes
Musical Choreography: Available


A sensational display fired electronically for split second timing and incorporating large aerial shell bursts, roman candles, multi shot barrages and mines to create the “Ultimate send-off” for your loved one.

Duration: Recommended 6-7 Minutes
Choice of Colours: Yes
Choice of Fireworks: Yes
Musical Choreography: Available


“I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Heavenly Stars Fireworks we said goodbye to Mike my partner in true style, his children Chloe and Issy thought it was the best send off. Something we will always remember for the rest of our lives. All Mikes friends and family cannot thank you enough. What an amazing idea and excellent five-star service. Thank you so much.”

Rachael Harding

“My brother had his 60th birthday party on Saturday night at the same time we let off the fireworks containing my mum’s ashes. I must say what a fantastic set of fireworks they were, at the party was the five children plus grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. My mum’s brother and wife were there plus all my brother’s guests at his house and everyone was gobsmacked with the display. Thank you once again”

Rob Davis

Let us help you chose your package

Get in touch today with our experienced and friendly team and we’ll help you create a firework show of the highest standards.

Enquire today! or call 01206 762123

How to say goodbye to your pets?

Today, more families are opting to do this as a form of remembrance and celebration of their dearly beloved pet who has passed on.

At Heavenly Stars Fireworks, we have been offering pet ashes fireworks for the past seven years, with loves one choosing to celebrate the life of their beloved pet by sending themin to the heavens in colourful fireworks, some want colour and quiet, while others want loud and impressive.

From stunning self-fire tributes to let off in your garden to fully professionally fired firework displays for the ultimate send off.

We have helped people scattering their beloved pets which have included cats and dogs, to Parrots and Horses.

If you would like more information on the service please contact us on 01206 710777