Celebrating Life with Fireworks


Dynamic Fireworks sister company Heavenly Stars Fireworks, who are the market leaders in the incorporation of ashes into fireworks. Have been offering this unique service since 2007, using specially tested and authorised fireworks. Allowing you to send your loved one off in spectacular and colourful fashion and making it a celebration of their life.

We can offer a variety of stunning self-fire tributes for you to set off at home or loved one’s favourite place, to spectacular professional memorial firework displays.

The process has been developed to be respectful, caring and discreet at what can be a very distressing time. Our compassionate staff are on hand to help you with arranging our services for you, which can be done via a funeral director, family member or friend.

Our self-fire tribute packages start from £399.00 with our stunning Celebration of Life firework barrage and our Grand Send-Off Package containing ten of our memorial barrages and 12 large ashes tribute rockets at £4,395.00 – we can also offer additional fireworks accompaniments should you wish to further enhance your memorial events.

We can also provide professional memorial displays at your loved one’s favourite location or choreographed to their favourite musical choice, with prices starting from £1995.00 for A Fond Goodbye.

Our friendly team are happy to discuss your requirements and help you choose the perfect firework send off.

With each of our self-fire ashes fireworks you can personalise them with a personal message, favourite song lyrics or just their nickname on tribute labels around your chosen firework. This comes along with the certificate of incorporation with your loved one’s name and a guide to safety.

Our friendly staff are waiting to help

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