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Amazing Single Ignition Firework Barrages & Cakes Available

With an excellent selection of high-quality multi-shot firework barrages & cakes available. In fact, we have over 75 carefully selected cakes and barrages. For you to choose from with an amazing array of different firework effects. Including colourful bursts, loud noise to make your display go with a bang. And a selection of quiet firework effects for the noise conscious.

Fireworks ranging from cakes at £5.00 and lasting 15 seconds. The big cakes and barrages lasting up to 3 minutes and costing around £235.00. All our cakes & barrages will give you amazing effects.

What are single ignition firework barrages and cakes?

Barrages, also known as cakes or single ignition barrages, are a display box. To lit a barrage you only need to ignite one fuse, after which you can watch a stunning display. Since the barrage exists of multiple tubes you will have multiple shots in the air as well. Dynamic Fireworks offers a wide range in sizes for the barrages from small ones with a few tubes or shots to large ones with a lot of shots. The tubes can also vary in size, larger tubes are usually more powerful than the smaller ones. These fireworks display a wide range of colours and sparks, which is what makes them such a popular type of fireworks in the UK and around the world.

Exclusive range of single ignition firework barrages & cakes

If you are looking for a firework cake or firework barrage to meet your specific requirements. Just use the easy to use filter options on the left-hand side of the screen. With the filters for explosive weight, duration, and number of shots you can easily navigate to the fireworks that will satisfy your needs.

To be completely sure the fireworks will meet up with your requirements, you can watch the video of all of your preferred type of fireworks. This gives you a clear picture of what the product is and prevents from buying fireworks that do not meet the expectations.

Buy single ignition, cakes and barrages online

Buying single ignition firework barrages and cakes is easy and hassle-free. Navigate to the firework of your choice, and put them in your basket. We use a minimum order for delivery of £75.00 (incl. VAT). For in-store collection, there is no minimum order amount.

If you want to accompany with some fireworks rockets, we also have an array of firework rockets, roman candles, Catherine wheels available to add to your basket.

If you have any questions with reference to our fireworks collection, just give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to assist you in your search for the best fireworks!

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