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Our Showrooms currently stock 8 different colours of Daytime Smokes these include green, yellow, red, purple, white, black, pink and blue. Whilst each have a duration of approx. 60 seconds. Giving a massive bright plume of coloured smoke for your daytime celebrations. With an easy operation, simple remove the ring-pull to release. With our most popular being pink and blue which are used mainly for gender reveal parties. However, there are a number of other exciting occasions when these are very effective. Whilst we have seen an increase in the number of our smoke grenades being used in some stunning wedding photography. Which seems very popular at present. We have also provided professional and amateur film makers with various colours for special effects for Television, Outdoor Theatre and Movies. Also let’s not forget celebrating the success of your football or rugby teams. While these are safe to hold throughout the length of the effect.

Daytime Smokes Safety

Daytime Smokes are for outdoor use only. Do not inhale the smoke. And be aware of the direction of the wind before use. Please store in a dry place. Whilst following the safety instructions on the Daytime Smokes packaging. Minimum age limit is 18 years.

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Our showrooms are based in Colchester, Essex, and Ipswich, Suffolk and we supply high-quality fireworks and firework displays nationwide – please check out our online shop now for our latest special offers to create magical and memorable fireworks display for any occasion, like Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Day, weddings, Birthday celebrations and Gender Reveal Parties. We will help you get your fireworks We also design and provide professional fireworks displays for corporate client functions, council events, and Armed Forces events up and down the country, so for efficiently run, awe-inspiring fireworks displays, contact us now!

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