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Bright coloured Red Daytime Smokes are a handheld device that once activated will send a dense flurry of red smoke skywards. These smokes will stand out in the crowd. With a wonderful 60 seconds duration. Also take a look at our video of the Red Smokes. I have seen these used as a guard of honour, in two lines welcoming a successful rugby team onto the field of play. As well as lining the street waiting for the team bus to arrive at a number of sporting venues. Our quality-coloured smokes including the red daytime smokes can be used for many other different events. I have also seen some very stunning photos from weddings. With the wedding photographer catching that special moment for you to treasure for ever. Not forgetting all those professional and amateur movie makers, animators. And theatre producers all using our red daytime smokes with stunning special effect.

These are also great at giving you smoke cover when you’re under fire at paintballing event. So why not add some of our coloured smokes into your basket. These smokes are handheld and straightforward to use. Each smoke has a simple ring pull. That when released will produce a steady flow of red smoke.  These products are for outdoor use only. You can find the safety instructions on the packaging. Before releasing the ring pull. Hold the red daytime smokes at arm’s length. Angling the devise away from your body. whilst ensuring that the wind is going directly away from you. Do not inhale any of the smoke. And keep the product stored in a dry place. Please follow the advice to help you keep safe. Don’t just stop at red. We also have a large number of different colours for you to try. Including our pink and blues smokes that are very popular with gender reveal parties.