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Our Blue Daytime Smokes are very popular especially with gender reveal parties. With each one having a wonderful duration of approx. 60 seconds. Take a look at our video with the Blue Smokes. And these items are not just for gender reveal parties. These have also been seen outside the odd football or rugby sports stadium, especially if your team is blue. Whilst let’s not forget that super photo opportunity on your wedding day. Our Blue Daytime Smokes have also been used in special effects, for outdoor theatre productions and movies. So why not add a little colour to your celebration with our quality-coloured smokes? These handheld Cat 1 devices are very easy to use with just a simple ring pull. That will produce an amazing plume of dense blue smoke.

The minimum age limit for purchase and use is 18 years. Please use these products responsibly. And these Blue Daytime Smokes are for outdoor use only. Simply just hold the smokes at arm’s length, whilst ensuring that you hold angled away from your body, other people and flammable materials. Also check on the wind direction and make sure to point the blue daytime smokes into the wind. And if for whatever reason the device fails to ignite, leave the item for 15 minutes, then place the device into a bucket of water and leave to soak overnight. Always store the device in a cool dry place. Don’t forget we also have many other colour smokes that are available. So please take a look at what’s available. Oh, and if it’s not going to be a little boy, then check out our Pink Daytime Smokes for a little girl. So, with this quality product we have a colour to match your mood or special event.