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Firework Rockets

Our range of firework rockets have been developed and improved over many years and we believe them to be amongst the best quality rockets on the market today.
Each has a powerful motor giving a straight flight to a good height, culminating in a large spread of brightly coloured stars and good effects.

Exclusive rang of firework rockets

We provide a range of 12 carefully selected firework rockets. It is a complete range from small rocket packs through huge display effects. Each of them gives the wow effect you want to achieve with fireworks. Of course there is a difference between the rockets. Commonly, the lower priced rockets have a smaller explosive weight than the firework rockets with a higher price. If you are seeking out to a rocket that produces a massive effect, you can use the explosive weight filter. This assures you buy a firework rocket that will satisfy your needs.

To be completely sure a rocket will meet up with your requirements, you can watch the video of a firework rocket. This provides a better picture of the product, than an image of the fireworks in its packaging and prevents from buying fireworks that do not meet the expectations.

Buy firework rockets online

Buying firework rockets online is easy. Navigate to the firework rocket of your choice, and add them into the basket. We manage a minimum order for delivery of £75.00 (incl. VAT). For in-store collection there is no minimum order amount.

If you want to accompany your firework rockets with some barrages and cakes, we advise you to purchase one of our discounted fireworks display packs. A fireworks display pack is cheaper than buying the firework rockets and barrages and cakes separately. If you have any questions regarding our fireworks collection, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice.