Amazing Firework Fountains & Mines

Buy Firework Fountains & Mines online with confidence from Dynamic Fireworks. With a huge range of fountains fireworks and mines, you’re sure to find something to add a little bit more sparkle to your firework display.

What are fountain fireworks?

Firework Fountains are colourful ground-based firework. Most fountain fireworks are family-friendly since quite a lot of these are low noise. Which makes them perfect for an introduction with fireworks. Firework fountains will project a shower of sparks and colourful pearls, whistles and crackle. Erupting from ground level to heights of up to 15-20 feet. Many have long durations lasting from 30 seconds to nearly 2 minutes. They come in all shapes and sizes from traditional volcano fountains, cylinder and fanned. As well as many novelties like the spinning fountain or combination fountains with more than one fountain erupting at once.

In general fountain fireworks tend to be low noise and very pretty and colourful. Ideal for all the family and great for garden displays and larger displays alike.

What is a firework mine?

A ground-based powerful firework, mines are normally instantaneous eruptions of a pretty column of glitter or coloured stars bursting skyward. Leading to big and loud colourful bouquet bursts. Mines are a great way to start or finish a firework display as they create an instant WOW factor.

Fireworks mines are a real statement item for any large display.

Traditional Catherine Wheels and Lancework

Firstly, Catherine Wheels and Lancework are traditional set-piece additions to any display. With many options and size available.

What is a Catherine Wheel?

In other words, Catherine Wheels or Firework Wheels are a type of set-piece firework. Made with gerbs or motors that provide the thrust to spin. They require being attached to an upright post by means of a pin or nail. When it is lighted, it will spin rapidly to produce a display of coloured sparks and flames. Consumer Catherine wheels can vary in size from small pins wheels at only a few centimetres to large wheels reaching 40cm.

Furthermore, did you know the biggest firework wheel recorded was over 32 metres wide and was produced in Malta. The home of Catherine Wheels.

What is Lancework?

In fact, lancework is the art of custom-made words or images created in fireworks. Which provides a unique and individual pyrotechnic effect. We can also build lancework with your choice of words and reproduce company logos. Most commonly used lancework is the word GOODNIGHT, BYE and MARRY ME.

Typically lancework with burn for around 1 minute in duration with letters standing around 12 inches tall. Mounted on a wooden frame. We recommend attaching to a post as high as safely possible for the best effect.


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