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Firework Displays

As one of the leading and well respected professional firework display companies in the UK. With 25 years of experience in providing high quality fireworks.

Expert Fireworks Displays You Can Trust

As one of the leading and well respected professional firework display companies in the UK. With 25 years of experience in providing high quality fireworks. Our impeccable record of success speaks for itself. As a result Dynamic Fireworks has produced cutting edge firework displays for huge charity fundraisers, corporate events and product launches. Furthermore Dynamic Fireworks provide a focused, personalised approach. That ensures the high expectations of our clients are not only met, but exceeded.

We have built our reputation on our unmatched service standards and the wide ranging industry expertise. By fully engaging with industry leaders at every level. It has enabled us to develop an in-depth knowledge of pyrotechnics. We use our knowledge to full effect when organising private and corporate displays.

Our specifically trained pyrotechnicians use uniquely designed fireworks to create arresting displays. That erupt into visual feasts that can also be precisely choreographed to the music of your choice. Few professional display companies offer the attention to detail that comes as a standard feature of a Dynamic Fireworks package. We use advanced firing technology and finale firework software. This ensures the stunning effects of our displays are tightly controlled. To deliver flashes, glows and bangs at exact moments.

Shuttleworth Flying Proms Dynamic Firework Finale
Tower Bridge London-Dynamic Fireworks Display
London Eye Fireworks
Colchester Castle Park Dynamic Fireworks Display

Firework displays for all occasions

Major events

We have done fireworks displays all over the UK from barges to rooftops. This includes such events as the Lords Mayors Celebrations in London. The Festival of Fireworks, the British Firework Championship in Plymouth. Plus the graduation of Prince Williams graduation of RAF Cranwell. In the presence of Her Majesty the Queen. Dynamic Fireworks also has the proud distinction of being honorary members of No. II (AC) Squadron Royal Air Force.

Local Authorities

We've worked closely with many local authorities to create some of the most stunning and spectacular professional firework displays. These displays have been used to celebrate Guy Fawkes, New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year. Our commitment, passion and ability to provide stunning professional firework displays. Have lead to long term contracts some lasting over 20 year.

Corporate Displays

We have provided impressive pyrotechnic displays through to large scale firework displays for TV and Celebrities. With the like of The Only Way is Essex and Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls. Having also worked closely with large companies such as Matchroom Sports, StubHub and Rockstar Games. Producing displays for event launches and meet and greet evenings at the Manchester Arena and the O2 London.

Private Events

We don't only do big firework displays. Dynamic Fireworks also do smaller private displays at people's homes and larger venues. This can be for weddings, birthday celebrations and also more uniquely tribute fireworks display. No matter the display you can guarantee our highly professional service, knowledge and value for money firework displays.

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Our services include

Firework Displays

Offering a vast range of professional pyrotechnic displays which include the traditional firework display, pyromusical/musically choreographed fireworks events, memorial fireworks. To stunning and vibrant low noise fireworks display and impressive indoor pyrotechnics. All created using fireworks imported to our own specification.

Ty Coch Wales Professional Fireworks Dynamic Fireworks

Daytime Fireworks

Fireworks are not limited just to the night. We are creating more and more displays using special HD daylight fireworks effects. Vibrant coloured smoke shells and mines to the impressive noise effect pyrotechnics. Which produce high pitch whistles and hummers. All used in conjunction with state of the art firework design software. To produce unique and unusual spectacles.

Colour Smoke Shells

Indoor Effects

Not only can we create stunning indoor displays using a wide variety of specialist stage pyrotechnics. Such as photo flashes, maroons and stages mines. We also offer for non-pyrotechnic venues our stunning state of the art Sparktacular system. A non-pyrotechnic firework simulator offering low hazard, low smoke but all round WOW.

Anthony Joshua O2 Dynamic Fireworks


Displays choreographed to music are increasing in popularity. We at Dynamic Fireworks offer a full pyro-choreography display service from initial booking. Designing the music to your specification, with choreography to 1/100th of a second via firework simulation software. To PA system hire and implementation and firing of the display. Dynamic Fireworks offers it all.

Festival of Fireworks Catton Hall Dynamic Fireworks

What our clients say

Former High Sheriff of Essex

“ Many thanks with the Orchestra this was the best firework display I have ever seen. The Co-ordination with the music was fantastic. ”

- Christopher Palmer-Tomkinson
Royal Bank of Scotland

“ I must admit that we were all a bit dubious about what to expect – none of us had ever viewed fireworks from the London Eye or at such close proximity before! Well, I am struggling to find the words which can even begin to describe how unbelievably fantastic the whole experience was. ”

- Amanda Webb
Rockstar Games

“The fireworks were absolutely insane and could not have been more perfect. There were people there who have seen A LOT of fireworks displays and they said this was hands down the best they had ever seen. I think the combination of the music, the sound quality we had and the fact that it was short and intense really made it something amazing. Thank you. I can’t recommend you guys enough.”

- Lyonel Tollemache, Promotions Director

“The time and effort that went into organising the display was way above our expectations, and the end result was spectacular. We have had nothing but rave reviews from all that attended the event and we believe that your involvement in our event gave our customers that extra ‘wow factor’.”

- Claire Carey, Marketing Director

Our Fireworks Displays

Don't just take our word for it. Check out our stunning firework display videos and pictures selected from some of the 350 display we perform annually.

Safety is Paramount

To give you complete peace of mind regarding the safety and security of our corporate displays and other firework events. We hold full public and product liability insurance for up to £10 million. Your Dynamic Fireworks pyrotechnicians are fully qualified. To Senior Firer Level and Firer Level of the British Pyrotechnics Association’s Firework Training Scheme. Along with the director and display managers being qualified course lecturers. As valued members of the CBI Explosives Industry Group, British Fireworks Association and British Pyrotechnists Association we keep abreast of industry related standards.

Any display will have site visits, risk assessments and site plans are produced as part our process. We make sure all health and safety aspects are complied with.

Let us plan your fireworks display

Get in touch today with our experienced and friendly team and we’ll help you create a firework show of the highest standards.

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