Reach for the sky with our selection of Big Rockets. Carefully selected offering you some of the best Big Rockets in the UK. With most of these rockets offering 1.3g effects. Typically, 1.3g effect fireworks contain more flash powder to produce louder and bigger bursts. So, let’s get your show rocking with our amazing products, giving you huge ear-splitting bangs, spectacular aerial displays and huge bursts. Choose from our Hulk, Ultra, Zeus or Shellhead variants that have been chosen for their outstanding quality, powerful impact, and overall wow-factor. With each individual rocket having a different effect so there’s no way of getting tired of these big rockets. And every firework event would be lost without that magical whoosh sound, as the rocket launches from the launch tube, with that glowing tail as it soars skywards deep into the darkness. Before setting the dak sky on fire. With showstopping effects from bright coloured blink, crackling flowers, glowing willows, vibrant coloured peony and stars and shimmering brocades, and from 300gms – 640gms of explosive content.

So, if it’s big rockets you’re looking for your event large or small we have it covered. Whether Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, Weddings and Birthdays. Your spectators will be cheering with excitement. Equally if you are looking for a single rocket for a tribute these will light up the stars with bright colour and sound. Also, each of our packs/sets comes with a launch tube and safety information on how to set up your display safely. You will also find this information on the product/product packaging. We also have a very extensive range of over rockets and fireworks available. Please feel free to take a look at all our product categories, or call in at one of our exciting showrooms based in Colchester, Essex or Ipswich, Suffolk.