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Starblitz Rockets


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Starblitz Rockets

New For 2021 - 22
Starblitz Rockets


Great assortment of 6 effect rockets including green palm & red strobe, orange & green strobe, brocade crown & white strobe, gold strobe willow & blue stars, purple dahlia & gold strobe, gold palm with crackle. Great value garden pack.

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Explosive weight (g)

Noise level (1-10)

Safety distance (metres)

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Launch our NEW for 2021 -22 Starblitz Rockets. With each pack consisting of 6 wonderful rockets. Above all, they all come with different effects. As can be seen in the description. Including a green palm and a red strobe. With orange burst and green strobe. Brocade crown And white strobe.  Also a gold strobe willow with blue stars. Purple dahlia & gold strobe. While not forgetting the gold palm with crackle. This great category 2 rocket pack is ideal for any display and requires a minimum safety distance of  8 metres. While each of the Starblitz Rockets contains a net explosive content of 19 gms. And who doesn’t love the sound of a rocket soaring into the dark skies? Meanwhile, click here to check out our amazing selection of rockets.


All Rockets including our Starblitz Rockets are aerial fireworks that have a stick to keep them stable during flight. Not forgetting to read the safety information on each rocket. Or check out our Safety Video. Also, each rocket pack comes with a launch tube. You can make more from plastic piping available from a hardware shop. Securely push the tube into the ground. And at a slight angle away from the audience. Then carefully insert the rocket into the tube.

Once inserted check it is free to rise. ensuring the stick is not stuck in the ground! Rockets will fly into the wind because the wind pushes the stick back. Making the rocket angle forward. In windy conditions, it may be a good idea to test a rocket. And observe where it exploded and where the sticks land. Standing side on to the firework, light the tip of the fuse whilst holding the Portfire at arm’s length. Once you are sure it is lit. Retire to a safe distance. Do not turn around until you hear that the rocket has launched properly.  If the firework does not ignite then do not return to it. Leave it until after the display.