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No Guy Fawkes night would be complete without the sight of a Gold Sparkler being held. And our premium Gold Sparklers come in two sizes 10 inch and 18 inch. Each of our packs contain 5 sparklers. And you can also check out our specials offers with some excellent savings. Especially worth looking at if you are organising a bonfire night celebration. Also, having sparklers on your wedding day is very popular. With photographers trying to get the perfect photo of you on your special day. Meanwhile, please check out our wedding day firework packages.

If you are holding an event with our gold sparklers. We fully advise that you have an area set aside for the use of sparklers only. This will enable you to keep everyone safe at you event. It would also be good practice to have some buckets of water or sand available. This will allow people can safely dispose of their sparklers when they have finished with them. Our gold sparklers are only for use by children over the age of 5 years old. So please take great care when using sparklers. And all those over the age of 5 years old should be supervised. Until the sparkler had completely finished. And those supervising children should be over the age of 18 years old.

Whilst we also recommend that everyone handling our gold sparklers are wearing gloves. Each sparkler should be held out at arm’s length while being lit. And only light one sparkler at a time. Once the sparkler has been lit. Do not wave the sparkler to close to other spectators, to avoid any accidents. Meanwhile here’s another great safety tip for younger children. Insert a carrot into the end of the sparkler. This will increase their distance from the sparks. whilst providing a more substantial handle to hold.