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The Almighty


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The Almighty

New For 2021 - 22
The Almighty


NEW FOR 2021

This monstrous 288 shot compound firework has nearly 4kg of explosive to create a sky filling extravaganza of colour and effects with its vast pace and power.

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Welcome to our infinite. All-powerful compound. The Almighty. With a sky filling extravaganza. Of colour. And effects. With its vast pace. And power. While this monstrous 288 shot compound.  Has nearly 4kg of explosive. With huge 1.3g effects. Lasting 1 minute 45 seconds. Truly a thunderous display in a box. That only needs to be lit with one fuse. While an assorted mixture of colour and effect.  Undeniably filling the night sky.

Including bursting strobes in a variety of colours. Including white, green, blue, and green. In addition to bright serpents spinning skywards. While breaking into gold willow. Followed up with crackling spider tentacles. And stunning red blink with gold brocade. Finally ending with widespread gold and silver palms. And colourful dragon eggs. While The Almighty has a resounding 9 out of 10 noise level. Meanwhile way not take a look at Retribution. Another one of our great compound barrages/cakes.


The Almighty requires all spectators to be at least 25 meters away. Whilst remembering. It’s better to prepare and prevent. Rather than repair and repent. Whenever lighting fireworks consider using a Portfire. Or one of our Turbo Lighters. Remembering that bonfire night can be great fun. For all the family. However, it’s important that people celebrate safely. Furthermore always have water available. ie a bucket or a hose. Equally a fire extinguisher would also do the job. At the same time use common sense.

By following the instructions. For The Almighty on the firework label. By being safe, not sorry.  Therefore, by following our safety guide. And keep it accident-free. While remembering that fireworks are fun. But they are also dangerous. So if you plan to set off fireworks. Of your own. At least make sure. That everyone involved knows all about safety. Furthermore do not leave it to chance. By coming and talk to the firework professionals.