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Samurai Spirit

Samurai Spirit


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Feel the force of the Samurai Spirit. This beautiful 25 shot category 2 garden firework fires forceful bursts. Dazzling with silver blink mines and intense bursts of bright red, vibrant blue and brilliant silver blink. Before strong breaks of purple, green and silver blink bouquets fill the sky.

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Become a warrior with the Samurai Spirit. This beautiful 25 shot category 2 firework. For your garden display. Fires forceful exciting bursts into the late evening sky. It will dazzle before your very eyes. With bright dazzling colours. And from the start with bright silver blink mines. With intensive bursts. Leading on to shimmering bright red. energetic blue. Radiant silver blink strobing peonies. And all this before. Strong breaks of deep purple. Green and silver blink bouquets. Filling the sky. This spirited barrage will be a hit with all your spectators. Samurai Spirit is stunning with noise and colour. Samurai Spirit has the timing of a good 30 seconds. Don’t hesitate.  Click the play video button. To watch a preview now. Containing 185gm of net explosive.


Samurai Spirit has a noise level rating of 7 from 10. Don’t forget you can purchase ear protectors. Online or from one of our showrooms. And why not check out our safety information. We offer a range of safety equipment. So that you can keep safe whilst working with fireworks. Which you can always purchase from online or in-store. We have a great selection available.

Our safety guide is quite comprehensive and easy to read. Please follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe. Please remember the safety distance for your fireworks. This can be found on the safety information label. On the side of the firework. Samurai Spirit will need to have a safety distance of 15 meters, 49 feet. You can just go to our web site if needed. And download our safety guide.  And we have included one in your packaged order. You can Order fireworks online. Or for advice from the firework professionals. You can pay a visit to one of our showrooms.

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