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Red Streak Candle


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Red Streak Candle

Red Streak Candle


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Low Noise candle firing flamboyant red comet pearls at a quick pace, bright effects lasting 25 seconds.


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Duration (seconds)

Explosive weight (g)

Noise level (1-10)

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In a flash of crimson, the single colour Red Streak Candle launches into a rapid-firing flurry of stars. With flamboyant red comet pearls that reach a height of over 60 feet. With a speedy pace, Red Streak hits the skies. While all 56 shots complete their skyward journey in about 25-seconds. With great colour and effect this category 2 roman candle. Also contains 130gm of net explosive content. Likewise, Red Streak will require your spectators to be a minimum of 8 meters away. In addition, Red Streak is a favourite if that’s your team colours. Especially come to the end of the season. If your team has been successful. Also available in Blue Streak.


With more people moving towards quieter fireworks. Red Streak along with our other roman candles will fit the bill. While we always rate the level of noise for our fireworks. With our level ranging from 1-10. While Red Streak has a low noise level of 2 out of 10. By the same token, using low noise fireworks with the more traditional noisier fireworks. Can break up the show by adding an array of various effects. Especially if there are young children or people with sensitive hearing at your event. In addition, consider your neighbourhood.

While it is always good practice to inform your neighbours about your display. And with plenty of notice. Particularly if there are any young children, the elderly, pets or animals in the vicinity of the proposed display site. While ensuring that you follow the firework instructions. To enable keeping your firers and spectators safe at your event. In addition, we always supply you with our very own guide to safety. And with over 25 years of experience in the firework industry. You can rest easy, that you are receiving sound advice from the firework professionals.