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Pro Range – Blue Tail to Red & Green Strobe


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Pro Range – Blue Tail to Red & Green Strobe

Pro Range – Blue Tail to Red & Green Strobe


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Part of our Professional Effect Range, this 25 shot 30mm barrage fires massive Pro Range – Blue Tail to Red & Green Strobe breaks for a duration of 20 seconds.

Number of shots

Safety distance (metres)

Noise level (1-10)

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We are delighted with the addition. Of our Pro Range – Blue Tail To Blue & Green Mine. To our professional range of fireworks. While our professional range offers excellent quality. With reverberating sound and vision. As soon as the blue tails head skyward. Your spectators will be captivated, Then stunned at the explosion of red and green strobing effects. Although having a duration of 20 seconds. This pacey and noisy quality category 2 firework. Meanwhile, reaches a noisy 9 out of 10 sound level. Meanwhile, why not take a look at all our Pro Range barrages. Including our low noise range. for some stunning effects. And vibrant colours. For example our Brocade Crown With Brocade Mine


Remember to place the Pro Range – Blue Tail To Blue & Green Mine on flat ground. And then secure to a stake or post. Which has been inserted into the ground. With strong tape or cable ties. Then locate the fuse, pulling the fuse through the plastic on the top of the cake. if required. Then ensuring that no part of your body is standing over the firework. And at arm’s length, light the fuse. Then retrieve to a safe distance. However, the safe distance for the firer and the crowd can be found on the fireworks label.

Also included with your purchased fireworks, We have provided you with a guide to safety. Therefore, we would recommend that you take the time to familiarise yourself with these guidelines. Thus ensuring keeping everyone safe. Whilst also having everyone enjoy your firework display. In addition, respectfully inform let your neighbours know when you’re having a display. Especially if there are young children, elderly folks, pets or animals nearby. In addition, please check out our link to PET AND ANIMAL SAFETY WITH FIREWORKS