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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider


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Riding out of the darkness the Ghost Rider barrage is bursting from the ground dark glittering gold mines ride into the sky, as gold stars break and burst into bright red and green strobing peonies with intermingled dark gold palm tails fired at a steady pace high into the darkness.

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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is a frighteningly good firework. Therefore sending shrieks of glee echoing off the walls. While riding out of the darkness. With dark glittering gold mines. That ride into the sky. Including gold stars breaking and bursting. Into bright red and green strobing peonies. With intermingled dark gold palm tails. Significantly fired at a steady pace. High into the darkness. With golden willow mine. Heading skywards. And bursting into wide gold willows. With a ghostly red and green blink. While filling the night sky. With bold colours and noise. Ghost Rider with an explosive weight of 446gm. With 20 shots. This category 2 firework.  With a duration of 25 seconds. And a noise level of 6 out of 10. All things considered, Ghost Rider would be a great addition to your display. While not also forgetting Immortals 


Take time to consider how to set up your fireworks safely. (Including Ghost Rider). By choosing a launching site carefully.  A flat and wide-open area. With no overhead obstructions. Such as trees or buildings. Will be best for setting for your fireworks. While not to mention,  All legal fireworks should have igniting instructions on the packaging. Including safety distances.

Also, avoid using cigarette lighters or matches to light fireworks. In fact, try our Portfires or Turbo Lighters. Additionally, Protect your eyes and ears. By getting a pair of safety glasses and earplugs. For each person who will be setting off fireworks. Also, dress appropriately. Don’t wear loose clothing. And store all your fireworks out of reach. Until you’re ready to use them. Whilst storing all your fireworks in a cool and dry place. Also, buy fireworks from a reputable retailer. We offer fireworks for sale all year round. Across our two showrooms. (Colchester and Ipswich). Including online sales. Therefore, contact us for all your firework needs. In order to, deal with the firework professionals.