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Fantasia Wheel


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Nothing impossible with this amazing little Catherine wheel. The Fantasia wheel will have you in a spin. With a duration of nearly 50 seconds and six colourful stages throughout. Including phases of red glitter to gold sparks, and blue trails to sparkling silver glitter trails.


Duration (seconds)

Explosive weight (g)

Noise level (1-10)

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Nothing impossible with this amazing little Catherine wheel. The Fantasia Wheel will have you in a spin. With a duration of nearly 50 seconds. With six impressive colourful stages throughout. While starting with a phase of red glitter to gold sparks. Then moving into a neon green glow. With gold lasers. While moving into sparkling silver glitter trails. With blue stars. With the final two stages. Producing more neon green and red. With gold and silver tails. Meanwhile, if you love Fantasia Wheel. May I tempt you in having a look at our Carousel Wheel? The winner of the BEST WHEEL category in our 2021 firework awards.


This small but mighty category 2 Fantasia Wheel requires an 8 metres safety distance. While all Catherine wheels would need to be attached to a post. With the pin/nail provided. While making sure that once the wheel is lit. That it is unable to fall out. However, it’s also important to not secure it too tightly. Thus allowing the wheel to spin freely. Because nobody wants a static Catherine wheel. Because all fireworks contain explosives. Obviously, it is important to take all the necessary safety precautions. While here at Dynamic Fireworks. We would encourage you to follow all the safety guidelines.  Please be sure to follow the instructions on the firework. Meanwhile how about reading our free guide to safety.

Remember another way to help keep everyone safe. At your display/event. Would be to purchase all your fireworks. From an established retail outlet. Like Dynamic Fireworks. Because here you would not just be buying fireworks. That have all been safely approved. You would also receive expert advice. While this would not just include which fireworks to buy. But also advice on safety equipment, storage. Including safe setting up and firing of your fireworks.