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This new and colourful 100 shot 30mm compound offers impressive bursts and a varied firing pattern.


Number of shots

Safety distance (metres)

Noise level (1-10)

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With Exodus, no one is going to leave before the final bursts. This new and colourful 100 shot 30mm compound. Offers impressive bursts and a. While this cat2 firework. With 1.95kg of net explosive weight. lasting 1 min 30 seconds. During firing this wonderful firework jumps from one effect to the next. With colourful mines and comets. Also glittering comet tails. All of a sudden bursting overhead. With an amazing display of noise and colour. Including a huge selection of blinking peonies. With vast vivid colours. Also stunning gold, red and green willows.  Not to mention the grand finale. With huge crackle mines discharging blue stars. This followed by an explosion of dragon eggs. While Exodus will keep your spectators mesmerised. In conclusion, a fantastic addition to your event or display. Also how about including our Expert Twin Pack.

Exodus Safety Information

Always make sure the fireworks you purchase are suitable for the size of your garden. Or where you’re planning to use them. While Exodus has a safety distance of 20 meters. In addition, plan your firework display to make it safe and enjoyable. For example, read and follow the instructions on each firework in daylight or using a torch if necessary. While we also provide you with a copy of our safety guide. With each completed order online or in-store. In addition, you can also download a copy of our safety guide. By visiting our website. Where you can receive all your firework safety advice. From the firework professionals.

Pet And Animal Safety

Most animals such as dogs and cats can have very sensitive hearing. Which can lead them to become scared during firework season.
As a company of animal’s lovers. We always advise our customers on simple things. Such as informing your neighbours about letting fireworks off. So they can have time to prepare and protect their pets. Follow our link for further advice on Pet and Animal Safety.