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Chariots of Fire


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Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire


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This impressive 1.3G 100 shot 30mm compound offers huge powerful bursts and rapid rate of fire to fill the sky with colourful stars and kamuru tails

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This compound offers huge powerful bursts. And a rapid rate of fire. To fill the sky with colourful stars. And kamuru tails. Furthermore this 1.3g effect barrage/cake has a 30mm bore. Therefore offering wide explosions that fill the sky. With vibrant colour stars. Of bright reds, greens and blue. hanging onto the wide-stretching tails. All things considered Chariots Of Fire with its 100 shots. Unquestionably delivers on quality and performance. As well as a resounding noise level of 10 out of 10. With a 40 second duration. Truly an outstanding category 3 firework. While containing 2.2kg of explosive content, Indeed highly recommended. Chariots Of Fire will have your spectators buzzing with excitement. Furthermore, allow a safety distance of 25 metres for your spectators. As shown in the safety information. Which can be found on the side of the firework.

Chariots Of Fire Safety Information

When setting up your fireworks, Including Chariots Of Fire. Most importantly, Secure your barrages/cakes. To a post or stake. While using strong tape. Or electrical ties. At the same time, check for overhead obstacles.  Such as trees, bushes and overhanging buildings. Equally, if you are setting out more than one firework. Try to have your fuses facing the same way.

Lighting Your Fireworks

Additionally when it comes to lighting your fireworks. Including Chariots Of Fire. Be sure to wear protection. Such as goggles, gloves, ear defenders and a hard hat. Furthermore, light all your fireworks at arm’s length. While making sure that you are not leaning over the firework. In general, most people enjoy a good firework display. Whether in someone’s back garden. Or a planned event. And all fireworks are safe to use. If you follow all the safety guidelines. Especially when setting up and firing your event. With this in mind. Why not check out our safety video by clicking on the link. Or visit our website.