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Blue Sky

Gender Reveal
Blue Sky


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Opening with a volley of pale blue stars mines, to a volley of blue stars rising and breaking into a skyful of blue peonies. Followed on by a succession of blue dreamtails that give way to blue star breaks leading into a blue peony close. A perfect firework for a gender reveal party.

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Watch as this firework, turns darkness into a Blue Sky? With this 36 shot barrage. With various effects. Opening with a blue mine. To vast bright blue comet tails. With blue falling leaves. And finishes with a blue peony finale. In addition, Blue Sky would be a fantastic barrage for a gender reveal party for a boy, but if it’s a girl then Pink Dawn is the way to go. While this category 2 firework. Has a noise level of 6 out of 10. with a net explosive content of 366gm. Not to mention filling the sky with various amazing blue effects.


When putting on a fireworks display in your garden. It’s important that you take the necessary safety measures. There are minimum requirements for spectator distance. And with Blue Sky that would be 15 meters. Remember, each firework has its own set of hazards. And therefore different instructions. (Including Blue Sky). Make sure you read the guidelines carefully. In addition to our safety guide provided. Likewise, you can find the information. On the firework label.

Also, pay attention to the weather forecast. While rain isn’t a deal-breaker, wind can be. Particular attention to consider. Is the strength of the wind and its direction. In the event, the wind is blowing towards the spectators. Then you may have a problem. However, you can tackle the wind. By moving your fireworks display further away. Or by relocating the spectators. To a safer spot. Don’t risk firework debris getting swept towards your friends and family. Whilst rain on fireworks night isn’t ideal. But it’s not the end of the world. You can waterproof fireworks. With bin bags or cling film. As long as you keep the fuse dry. You’ll be fine. In fact, it’s a good idea to waterproof your fireworks. Even if rain isn’t forecasted. Because when it gets dark. Dew can settle and dampen the fuse.