Safety Course One Person
Safety Course One person – 15.9.24


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Safety Course One person – 15.9.24

Safety Course One person – 15.9.24


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One Safety Training Course Placement

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Our Safety Course One person placement offers a comprehensive half-day safety training course.  Especially for organisers, committees and PTA’s of November, New Year and other public firework displays. With this training course instruction and guidance on all aspects of firework safety and your display by our trained technicians.

COURSE HELD: 15th September 2024

Therefore the areas covered by this course are:

  • Event Planning
  • Display Site – including layout, safety distances and crowd control
  • Display Procedures and Firing instructions including types of fireworks, set up, sequenced firing and waterproofing
  • Fireworks and the law – the current situation
  • Safety including equipment, personal safety, crowd safety and the Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Any questions and answers

In addition to class-based training, the course includes a practical session using fire extinguishers. Everyone is welcome to have a go at this to familiarise themselves with extinguishers and how they work on different types of fire and included is basic first aid training from an experienced paramedic.

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