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Buy indoor fireworks online

What are indoor fireworks? As the name reveals, it is fireworks for inside. Fireworks indoors are a great option for everyone who doesn’t want to stand in the cold to watch a fireworks display. At Dynamic Fireworks our indoor fireworks range includes stunning Ice Fountains and the traditional Indoor Firework Pack. Fireworks for the indoors are marked as category 1 fireworks, which means that they are as safe as party poppers. Still they need to be lit on a suitable surface and watched from a safe distance.

What are the best indoor fireworks?

Just like regular fireworks, fireworks for the indoors come in a wide range of types. From ice fountains to candles and fireworks packs. Indoor fireworks are perfect for celebrations like birthdays, weddings and more.

What are Ice Fountains?

Seeing that Ice Fountains are a type of Indoor Firework designed specifically for safe use inside. With a projection of sparks normally reaching 10-12 inches in height and a duration of approximately 45-55 seconds. As a result, they are ideal for use for home celebrations and the likes. When placed on the top of items such as birthday cakes, or by professional caterers in restaurants for desserts. With their low smoke and indoor nature. While many pubs and clubs use them attached to champagne bottles or cocktails.

They can also be called Club Candles, Sparkler Candles, Ice Candles, Champagne Sparklers, Bottle Sparklers and Fountain Candles.

Available to buy in large bulk buy quantities.

What is an Indoor Firework Pack?

Indoor fireworks provide a great introduction to children with fireworks. Particularly as they provide a range of little fireworks, that produce sparks, strobes and flashes. They contain eight different items. As a matter of fact, they are a big favourite for Christmas dinner and kid parties. These packs of firework novelties are sure to add a bit of fun around the dinner table. This traditional retro Indoor Firework Bonanza Pack is a real winner with all the family. A throwback to yesteryear with this fantastic selection of fireworks voor inside.

The Indoor Firework Pack contains 50 items.

Ranging from the sizzling strobes, disco inferno and flash harry strobe fireworks. Also including stunning little Ice fountains and blazing bengals. Not forgetting every bodies favourite the Snakes Alive – growing snake effect.

With the added fun of bang-bang fun snaps.

We recommend that for this category 1 Indoor Firework Bonanza Pack. To place all items on a metal tray or similar to prevent damage to the surface below.