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Behind the scenes of a professional display which included a unique and emotional aspect for one family

West Mersea Town Regatta ended an incredible week of events with a spectacular fireworks display across the harbour at West Mersea in August.


The location posed a couple of challenges with regard to set-up which had to be overcome. Firstly, the firing area was below the high water line which also meant much of it was soft mud.


Site visits were made at low water to view the harbour area to ascertain the safest firing area for the display. Taking into consideration where the crowd would be, prevailing wind direction and possible fall out zones of the effects planned for the display. Once this was established the Display Manager had to find the best area within this set up zone which was shingle and firmer ground rather than mud. Tide tables were consulted so on the evening the team, knew what time they could access the site once the water had receded far enough. This left a limited time window, on a falling tide, when the set-up area would be water free to enable preparation and set up the fireworks.



With every display Dynamic Fireworks’ aim is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, via the use of state of the art computer simulation software, electronic firing systems and their wide range of pyrotechnic products and knowledge.

Design and Implementation

This aim begins at the formulisation meeting which is where the Director and Display Managers discuss ideas for a display. Using their combined and vast knowledge of being in the pyrotechnic industry for many decades, together with the site survey report ideas begin to formulate as to what effects would work well in the particular location, design sequences to WOW and thrill the crowd and the new and initiative products which can be used.

Then the display is written on the computer simulation programme so the display can be visualised and reviewed. Once everyone is happy, the office involvement concludes with writing the risk assessments, creating the site maps and show plans for the team.

Finally, at the magazine store the products needed for the display are picked and assembled for the team to take onsite on display day.


All the work in preparation, design, set up and firing resulted in a display that exceeded the clients’ expectations, with not only gasps and cheers from the crowd on the night but social media full of photos and great comments. With many describing the firework display ‘the best ever’ and ‘fantastic’. In particular the exciting design sections which WOWed the cheering crowds were shells bursting in red hearts, smiley faces and sunflower rings.

Personal Aspect

However, this year’s display took on a far more personalised aspect for one family. As Dynamic Fireworks were approached by a local family to see if it would be possible to scatter their loved one’s ashes as part of the display. Dynamic Fireworks have developed a unique technique to safely embed cremation ash into fireworks, a service which is offered through part of the company, Heavenly Stars Fireworks.

The Tyler family who has links to Mersea and fond memories of attending the Regatta together approached Dynamic Fireworks who with the permission of the Regatta Committee, used their specially designed process to incorporate the cremation ash into the finale sequence which was then fired as part of the display at the Regatta to scatter the cremation ash over the sea at Mersea harbour.

It is becoming a very popular way to commemorate a loved one’s life. Every year Dynamic Fireworks, with Heavenly Stars Fireworks undertake a number of professional displays and also assist hundreds of families with our range of self fire fireworks. These incorporate a proportion of the cremation ash and are designed for families to fire themselves at home or place of significance. At a naturally difficult time for the family it is rewarding to be told that the firing of the tribute fireworks although emotional and moving, were amazing and provided memories that the family will treasure for ever.

The display was reported in the press.