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Are you looking for fireworks near me? Dynamic Fireworks got you covered. Whether you are are looking for fireworks for sale near me or a fireworks display nearby to watch: Dynamic Fireworks can provide you with both.

We have a wide range of fireworks that can be bought in one of our showrooms near your location. Furthermore, our fireworks can be bought directly online and delivered to your doorstep.

If you are not willing to set off fireworks yourself, but love to see a firework display, we can help you as well. We offer professional firework displays for every occasion.

But that’s not all. Of course at Dynamic Fireworks we are fans of beautiful fireworks shows. That’s why you can always find the latest overview of fireworks shows near you!

Fireworks Near Me to Buy & to Watch

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Fireworks Near Me to buy

Whether it is for Guy Fawkes Night, New Year’s Eve or any other occasion: at Dynamic Fireworks you can buy fireworks near you all year round. With physical stores located in Colchester and in Ipswich and with door to door deliveries, we are able to get you your fireworks all over the United Kingdom. There is always fireworks for sale near you.

Fireworks Near Me at Dynamic Fireworks

Find your new favourite fireworks at Dynamic Fireworks. We understand that you would like to know what you are buying. Especially when you are buying online, we got a solution for that. On our website you will find various videos of what our fireworks look like. So even though we are not as near as we would like to be, we will still be the place to buy fireworks near you!

DF Colchester

Dynamic Fireworks

Unit 18 Peartree Business Centre,
Peartree Road, Stanway
Colchester, Essex

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Dynamic Fireworks Colchester
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Firework Emporium

627 Foxhall Road,
Ipswich, Suffolk

01473 729600
01473 728575
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Firework Emporium Ipswich
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Fireworks Superstore

360 Cowdray Ave,
Colchester, Essex

Contact our head office for more information on 01206 762123

Fireworks Near Me to watch

Not everyone is stoked to set of fireworks on the days it is allowed, but you might like to watch a good fireworks show. To do so you can go on the internet and search for “fireworks near me to watch” or “Firework display near me” but you can also request your own fireworks display here at Dynamic Fireworks. We can provide you with the firework show of your liking and for various occasions and it is most definitely near you! Don’t worry, you will not have to set off the fireworks yourself, our trained professionals will set off the display. Getting your own display has some pro’s; you will not have to travel far in order to see a fireworks display. You can design a fireworks display of your own liking and it can take place on any date! So why wait? Get your fireworks display to watch near you today!

The best annual fireworks shows to watch

If distance doesn’t matter you that much and you just want to see the best fireworks in the United Kingdom, we totally understand! That is why we have made a list for you with the most popular annual fireworks displays to watch in our country!

British Fireworks Championships

This yearly 2-day fireworks event was born in 1997. The British Fireworks Championships came to life after some of the professional display companies had been discussing a way to set up a competition to show off their skills. Over the years this event has grown quite a bit and is now seen as the premier annual fireworks display in the UK. This event takes place each August in the city of Plymouth. The championship is free to watch, however there are companies that sell tickets for this event, which gives you access to a more private viewing location with dining possibilities to make the night more special. For more information we would recommend to take a look at the British Fireworks Championships website.

Leeds Castle Fireworks Spectacular

The Leads Castle Fireworks Spectacular is the biggest firework display in the South East of England and takes place every year in the beginning of November. The Spectacular is a two day event starting at 2pm, which gives you a chance to enjoy the outside while listening to live music, watch a falcony display at 3pm and enjoy the maze and play areas until 5pm. Then around 5.30pm the Fireworks display will start. The night ends with live music. For this event are tickets available, you will pay £23,- for an adult, £15,- for children between the ages of 3 and 15 years old and for children under the age of 3 you reserve a free ticket. For more information and ticketing we suggest you visit the Leeds Castle website.

  • 4th & 5th November, 2023
  • Leeds
  • £30 adult, £22.50 children (3-15 years)
  • Leeds Castle

LEGOLAND Fireworks Spectacular

Your family day-out to LEGOLAND just got better! The LEGOLAND Fireworks Spectacular takes place only one weekend a year in the beginning of November. This is not just any fireworks show, there is some LEGO magic involved. Park entry and the fireworks are combined in one ticket with the pricing of £35,- per person.  For more information and ticketing visit the LEGOLAND website.

  • 5th till 7th November, 2023
  • Windsor Resort
  • £34

London New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Every year on the 31st of December thousands of people will line up alongside the River Thames Near Victoria Embankment and South Bank in London to watch the fireworks and ring in the new year! The fireworks are launched off the London Eye and from barges in the River Thames at midnight. Every year the fireworks are surrounded by a theme representing the past or upcoming year. These fireworks are also covered by the BBC and in order to watch them live in London tickets are required. For more information you can visit this website.