By Dynamic Fireworks,
Clacton Airshow

Clacton Airshow: “Biggest Ever” Pier Fireworks Marks 25th Anniversary

Dynamics Fireworks orchestrated a huge display to celebrate this year’s Clacton Airshow, which marked its 25th year this summer.

Clacton Airshow is always innovative, and this year was no different. The show saw its first ever night flights – courtesy of the FireFlies – who flew on Thursday evening – as well as during the day.

But it wasn’t just aeroplanes this year. Brendan O’Brien’s “OTTO” the helicopter flew dazzling displays too (Thursday evening and Friday daytime). Already a mainstay of the US airshow circuit, this off-the-wall yet thoroughly enjoyable machine was bound to delight.

Clacton Airshow

The fireworks display helped make the airborne action even more spectacular, delighting visitors and locals alike as the sun went down.

On the Clacton Pier Facebook page, Kathy O’Donnell said: “It really was brilliant display and the night flights were absolutely gorgeous. Fireworks were let off on the planes and helicopter and the planes were lit up. Amazing. Well done to everyone involved for a spectacular show. x”

Sandra Park said: “Well done CLACTON pier…fantastic fireworks display and the bonus planes and helicopter fireworks display were amazing ?”

“Lovely fireworks and loved the fireworks coming off the aircraft,” commented Hayley Didier Serre.

Indeed, this year’s display was especially notable because many of the fireworks were launched from the aircraft, in what Clacton Pier called the “biggest display we have ever put on.”

The Dynamics Fireworks team were delighted to have taken part in yet another fantastic Clacton Airshow and Clacton Pier extravaganza. The dedication of everyone in the team and at Clacton Pier paid off yet again, enthralling young and old.

Clacton Airshow

The flying skills of the FireFlies and O’Brien’s Flying Circus deserve a special note, particularly since they embraced the airborne firework delivery innovation so fully.