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Leestock Festival – Firework Finale

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­­­This bank holiday weekend was a busy one for us at Dynamic Fireworks, with a variety of firework displays across the country. A highlight was creating a short and spectacular firework finale for the Leestock Music Festival held at Melford Hall.   What is Leestock Music Festival? Leestock Music Festival, originally LeeFest, is an annual  … Read more

Firework categories, what do they mean?

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1.3g and 1.4g fireworks

Fireworks are classified in to a variety of different categories, these categories can cause much confusion. In this blog will try to clear that up for you. What is the difference between Category and Hazard Type of firework? Many people see categories F1,F2,F3 and F4 assigned to the fireworks in their basket, this relates to  … Read more

10 of the Biggest Fireworks Displays in the World

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Biggest Fireworks Displays

Big isn’t always better – but in the world of fireworks, it usually is. If you’re organising a fireworks display and need a little inspiration, check out these 10 spectacular events from the Biggest Fireworks Displays around the globe. Australia Day No sooner has the New Year’s Eve firework smoke cleared, then the Australians are  … Read more

15 Unbelievable Facts About Fireworks and Bonfires

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Unbelievable Firework Facts, did you know fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, bonfires: we humans have been delighting in displays of light and sound for hundreds of years. No wonder there are so many jaw-dropping facts related to pyrotechnics – and pyromania. Here are 15 of the most interesting. 1. The word ‘bonfire’ comes from ‘bone-fire’, a term  … Read more

Clacton Airshow: “Biggest Ever” Pier Fireworks Marks 25th Anniversary

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Clacton Airshow

Clacton Airshow: “Biggest Ever” Pier Fireworks Marks 25th Anniversary Dynamics Fireworks orchestrated a huge display to celebrate this year’s Clacton Airshow, which marked its 25th year this summer. Clacton Airshow is always innovative, and this year was no different. The show saw its first ever night flights – courtesy of the FireFlies – who flew  … Read more

Descriptions of Firework Effects

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Firework Effects

Planning a fireworks display? If you’re relatively new to this exciting area, the sheer range of possibilities can be overwhelming. All those fireworks and associated effects have names. Getting familiar with some of these will help you better understand how to create an unforgettable fireworks display. Here we look at the most common firework effects.  … Read more

The Complete A to Z of Fireworks: G to Z

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Continuing our series of blogs looking into the various fireworks available, here we bring you G to Z. Not all of these fireworks are permitted for sale and use in the UK, but we’ve included them here for posterity and as a reminder that the firework industry’s constant evolution – with exciting new products coming  … Read more