By Dynamic Fireworks,
Firework - top five amazing shell fireworks

Let’s start this blog with a question. When someone mentions a firework display to you, what do you picture?

Is it the stunning range of colour or effects? How about the bangs and whistles that are sometimes so loud you can actually feel them? Or is it the huge, sky-filling explosions that illuminate the night’s sky?

If you said yes to any of the above, it is more than likely that you were picturing a shell. Firework shells have such a vast array of shapes, colours, sounds and effects that it’s quite hard to describe what they look like, as the possibilities are endless and ever-changing! Quite simply, a firework shell is exactly that: a shell. The shells are fired up whole, and will explode once high in the air, erupting into vivid and impressive bursts.

All fireworks are split up into categories that range from F1 to F4:

  • Category F1 – Indoor Fireworks – presenting a very low hazard and intended for use in confined areas like inside domestic buildings.
  • Category F2 – Garden Fireworks – present a low hazard and are intended for outdoor use in areas such as small gardens.
  • Category F3 – Display Fireworks – present a medium hazard, which are intended for outdoor use in large open areas such as fields.
  • Category F4 – Professional Fireworks – have a high hazard, which are intended for use only by persons with specialist knowledge/professional company for use within professional displays.

Categories F1-F3 are available to purchase in stores and can be self-fired, category F4 will be your high hazard fireworks only offered as part of a professional display. All shells will fall into category F4, meaning you will be unable to find ‘off the shelf’ shell fireworks, they are only available through purchasing a professional display fired by a team of our specialist technicians.

Firework shells will give you the impact and wow-factor that you see in all display finales. Typically, shells have larger and louder bursts making them perfect for that jaw-dropping climax to a display. However, not all shells are used in this way. Some shells have lower impact and instead they focus more on the visual effect, for example unique shapes or movement through the air. Sometimes, inside a shell will be smaller shells which will scatter and then explode, offering multiple bursts that will cover the sky.

So, with such a variety of shells on offer, it begs the question where do you even start? If you’re interested in having a professional display and would like to know more about the shells we can offer, please do contact us and one of our team experts can help discuss your options.

Alternatively, below we have chosen our top five to get you started. These five shells have been specially selected to show you the variety available, from the classic high impact shells to the more subtle but stunning visual effects.

  1. Willow

Let’s kick off our top 5 with a shell that is adored by all. The Willow is a beautiful firework that bursts into a sparkling dome of gold or silver stars. The Willow is long-burning, with the stars gently trickling down the sky to give you that iconic weeping willow effect.

The Willow is simply stunning and gives a delicate elegance that is perfect for wedding displays. Not only will Willow fill the sky, but multiple shells of Willow will also make it appear like it’s raining gold. The more the better! The lingering trails will slowly fade away, offering a dazzling finale to your display.

  1. Horsetail

Horsetail is our new shell that has galloped into our top 5 with ease. This firework will certainly stand out in any display due to its unique but stunning effect. Horsetail starts with a slow curving arch that gently falls down in a wave of sparks, creating an effect that exactly mimics a horse’s tail.

This shell is not only set-apart by its unusual shape but also by the fact that it’s low noise, allowing us to offer you the same quality just without the noise that comes with your typical shell bursts.

As well as using these amazing shells in Dynamic Firework displays we saw them when out in Valencia as part of the Las Fallas Festival.

  1. Brocade

The Brocade is a classic shell that will never get old. Brocades are best known by their shape. They explode into the sky in huge, round bursts and give you big impact guaranteed to stun anyone watching.

Brocade shells are very similar to the Willow, however they are typically brighter and keep their neat form as they fade away. Their bursts will be shoots of fine, glittering tails and will hold in the air for a few seconds. Brocades can offer a vast variety of dazzling effects such as colours and crackles.

  1. Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg is another shell we recommend for the fun and exciting visual effect it offers!

This firework has smaller bursts than your typical shell, such as the Willow and Brocade. However; we fire up many more shells so that they scatter across the sky in sudden crackling effects.

Often they will pulse in red and green lights, these vivid colours will stand out against the black sky and their bouncing nature is sure to bring laughter and entertainment to anyone watching.

  1. Red hearts

Simple, stunning and sentimental, these shells truly stand out and come highly recommended for any love-themed display. Red in colour and bursting into a unique heart-shaped pattern, this shell is just perfect for weddings, anniversaries and proposals.