By Dynamic Fireworks,

We often get asked by our customer base what would we recommend for under £100. Depending on what our customers are looking for we have so much to offer. If the customer is looking for a selection, I would recommend the Andromeda selection box with comes with free Luna Rockets for the bargain price of only £70. If they are looking for even more variety then one of our combo display packs give a variety of smaller to larger fireworks with a suggested firing order such as the combo 3 which individually would be priced at £125 but we have discounted to £99 offering an assortment of rockets, cakes, candles, and the amazing Andromeda selection Pack offering approximately 15-20 minutes of spectacular varied fireworks to satisfy your audiences at home.

However individually, I have come up with my top 10 individual pieces for under £100.

Phantom | Cakes & Barrages |Dynamic Fireworks

10. Phantom

Starting with Phantom, priced at the bargain price of £16 (free if you buy King of Palms) there is nothing spooky from this Phantom. Just an exciting 20 shot barrage firing big clusters of silver, gold, and crackling blink mines. Leading to bright red and blue tails before huge breaks of deep red stars with silver blink strobes, followed by glittering brocade crown breaks to a crackling glower multishot finale volley.

Rebel | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks9. Rebel

Next up is Rebel, costing only £17! This Rebel firework is a knockout with a variety of fantastic effects and colours. From the bright red to blue to green and white to crackle cluster mines. While massive overhead bouquets in matching-coloured shots of red stars, blue pearls, and green peony. All adding bright white and crackling peonies fully fill the sky. Don’t forget its stunning multi-shot finale.

Supercell | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks8. Supercell

Then is Supercell, a steal at £25. This is a pacey barrage sending super silver strobe mines skyward followed by shots of silver star strobe with gold palm core, before changing to bright red star strobe stars with bronze palm core before leading into a rapid-fire volley of glittering silver strobe stars across the night sky.

Neon Green Mine to Neon Green Peony | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks7. Neon Green Peony with Neon Green Tail and Mine

I love my number 7; the Neon Green Peony with Neon Green Tail and Mine priced at the delicate £35. A glorious professional effect firework of Neon Green Mine to Neon Green Peony. With twenty-five, vibrant neon green mines reaching over 100 feet into the skies. Before giving ay to thunderous neon green peony breaks. A pacey and noisy quality category 2 firework with a quick duration of 20 seconds.

Avenger | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks6. Avenger

At number 6 is the Avenger priced at £50. From the Zeus Platinum range. The Avenger is an impressive battle of comic book style. A straight up 70 shot Barrage. With excellent silver blink mines rising to silver, red, green tails. Before bursting into stunning white stars. Changing to blue stars to red blink. Green blink to stunning golden willow the Silver blink. Finishing with a volley of silver blink to purple stars.

5. Brocade Bomber

Brocade Bomber slides in at number 5. This 1.3g effect powerhouse launches a cluster star mines skywards, with tars trailing skyward as bomb blasts of brilliant dusty brocade fills the skyline and releasing its cargo of vivid red and green falling leaves. Excellent pace and duration with an impressive finale blast.

Frontline Fire | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks4. Frontline Fire

At number 4, Frontline Fire priced at £75. Bursting into life with rapid firing shots of red, green, and blue star tails bursting into vivid red, green, and blue star tails bursting into vivid red strobes with intermingled green and blue peony stars, which make way to vibrant purple stars and red blinkers and alternating with red, green, and blue peony. Finishing with volley after volley of glittering golf tracer tails into clusters of alternating red and white strobes.

Conspirators of 1605 | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks3. Conspirators of 1605

It was a close call for the top three positions for me but coming in at number 3 in the Conspirators of 1605 pricing up at £85. This 100-shot fabulous barrage has been holding its own for years. With breath-taking mixed-effects over a duration of around 60 seconds. As well as quick shots of thick silver spinning crackle tails rising skyward. In addition to big bouquets of red and blue stars with crackle. Together with sequences of green tails with silver spinners. Before building into a finale volley of whistling tails to silver palm bouquets.

Chain Reaction | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks2. Chain Reaction

At number 2 is Chain Reaction. Get a series of mixed-effects with coloured tails to blue stars and silvery fish. White strobe with red and green stars. Before lemon and blue stars with silver whistling tails. Bright red strobes with blue pearls. While green tails reach up before bursting into purple stars with green strobes. Golden tails to golden crackling willows, blue tails to more blue star silverfish. Culminating in a silver tail to crackle finale.

Blink Spirit 5 Pack | Cakes & Barrages | Dynamic Fireworks1. Blink Spirit 5 Pack

And at number 1, because it is an absolute bargain reduced from £150 to £99 is the Blink Spirit 5 Pack! Opening with cake one with stunning silver blink mines to silver blink strobe. Followed by cake number 2 launching red and blue star mines up to big titanium-gold palms. With cake 3 sending green blink mines to titanium gold palms with purple and green strobes. Cake 4 fires skyward flower crown tails to big flower crown bouquets. Last but not least cake 5 is a brocade at its best with thick brocade tails rising to brocade crown breaks.