By Dynamic Fireworks,
Indoor Fireworks

When you hear the phrase ‘indoor fireworks’ normally something small comes to mind, maybe a table-top sparkler or a fountain on a cake, or the smoky little fireworks around the Christmas table as children. Anything bigger would be unsafe, right?


The new and exciting Sparktacular system is redefining indoor fireworks and taking the pyrotechnic industry by storm. This innovative piece of technology simulates the effects of your traditional firework fountain, but with its non-hazardous and non-flammable sparks, it is the perfect safe addition to any indoor event!

Stunning indoor fireworks displays with the Sparktacular

Our Sparktacular machines create stunning displays of dancing sparks which can be controlled in height, duration and sequence to create a spectacular enhancement to your event. Events usually have multiple display bursts using up to six pods which can be programmed for various display options, such as wave or simultaneous effects, and even timed to music.

The systems contain no explosive content, and leaves behind no burning debris. Sparktacular will offer low noise, low smoke and low odour, meaning your audience will enjoy full effects with none of these detriments associated with other indoor firework effects.

Possibilities of the Sparktacular

Not only is it a fantastic addition to indoor events, it can also operate at much cooler temperatures (17°C) meaning if your outdoor environment isn’t suitable for your typical fireworks, Sparktacular may be just what you’re looking for.

And we aren’t the only ones who are raving about this state of the art technology! Sparktacular has been in such high demand, from corporate events, fashion and awards shows, to major sporting events, we have been honoured to provide Sparktacular on numerous occasions.

As an example of what we can do, our Dynamics team were thrilled to be invited along to Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester Arena for the three Giants Live events, hosting a strong competitor line up including current World’s Strongest Man Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Games of Thrones ‘The Mountain) and former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall.

Our Sparktacular machines were certainly put to good use! Eleven men lined up to take on five gruelling tasks. On each athlete’s entrance, the Sparktacular indoor firework system lined their paths, creating an impressive walkway of sparks as they entered the arena.

Our Sparktacular then surrounded the awards podium, lighting up the events overall winner as they took their trophy, watched by a stadium full on spectators and watched on by 2.5million viewers on TV



More indoor fireworks occasions

But the options don’t end there with Sparktacular. We have supported many more events and clients with indoor fireworks. For example An Evening with Anthony Joshua at the London O2 Arena, Essex Cricket Club as they took home the Championship title for the first time on 25 years, Table Tennis England, Fenwick Fashion show and many more arenas and high profile weddings.

See below a small gallery which showcases the numerous ways these spectacular machines can be used. If you have an event coming up, and you feel that Sparktacular will help take it to the next level, please visit our indoor displays section for more information.