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Single Hulk Rocket


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Single Hulk Rocket

Single Hulk Rocket


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Choose a Single Hulk Rocket. That was runner Up in the best rocket awards 2021. While Hulk Rockets are absolutely stunning with awesome aerial effects. Providing professional big and brash sky filling explosions. Each 6oz rocket shatters into a huge boom as well as a huge effect. So Choose from a stunning gold willow with blue stars. Or a brocade crown glitter. While maybe a brocade crown with blue pistils. Or a dazzling red glittering willow that really lights up the sky.

While each of the Single Hulk Rockets category 3 firework. Have a net explosive content of over 158gm. While exploding with a sound level of 10 out of 10. With amazing 1.3g sound and effects. While remembering that each of these rockets has a safety distance. And the safety distance for your spectators with these huge rockets will be 25 metres. While look here to see our Ultra Rockets


Whilst remembering it’s better to prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent. Whenever lighting fireworks consider using a Portfire. Or one of our Turbo Lighters. Bonfire night can be great fun for all the family. But it is important that people celebrate safely. Furthermore always have water available ie a bucket or a hose. Or a fire extinguisher would also be handy. At the same time use common sense. By following the instructions on the Single Hulk Rocket firework label.

Be safe, not sorry and keep it accident-free from accidents by following our safety guide. Fireworks are fun but they are also dangerous. If you are not going to an organised fireworks event and plan to set off fireworks of your own, make sure that everyone involved knows all about safety. So do not leave it to chance. come and talk to the firework professionals. By visiting our showrooms in Colchester, Essex or Ipswich, Suffolk. Or searching for our website. Where you can purchase your fireworks all year round.