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Pro Range – White Strobe to Brocade w/ Blue


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Pro Range – White Strobe to Brocade w/ Blue

New For 2022-23
Pro Range – White Strobe to Brocade w/ Blue


Part of our Professional Effect Range, this 25 shot 30mm barrage fires massive white strobe to brocade crown with blue stars breaks for a duration of 20 seconds.

Number of shots

Safety distance (metres)

Noise level (1-10)

Explosive weight (g)

Duration (seconds)


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Another outstanding addition to our Professional Effect Range. This our Pro Range – White Strobe To Brocade With Blue Stars. With 25 shots with a 30mm bore. In fact fires, massive white strobes. While bursting into a sky filling brocade crown. Then topped with blue stars. breaking into the evening skies. With amazing 1.3g effects. For a duration of 20 seconds. Also with 550 gm of net explosive content. With a whopping 9 out of 10 noise level rating. From this category 3 firework. At this point, how about looking at our Pro Range – Blue Tail To Red And Green Strobe.


Our latest additions to our Pro Range. Including Pro Range – White Strobe To Brocade With Blue Stars. Are category 3 fireworks. With this in mind, the spectator distance required. Would have to be a minimum of 25 metres. While these safety distances are there to keep you safe. Meanwhile, make sure you have enough space. For all the fireworks you purchase. Therefore, check the firework label for safety information. While this will also have details on setting up your firework.

In fact, here at Dynamic Fireworks. We have produced our very own video guide. Specially produced to show you how to set up various fireworks. Including Barrages/Cakes, Rockets, Fountans and Candles. While not forgetting the Catherine wheel. Also included within the video. You will see how to light your fireworks safely. Also what safety equipment you may require. In addition many other aspects of firework safety. While all of this information is a guide. To keep yourself and your spectators safe. With this in mind, click on the link Dynamic Fireworks Safety Video. Meanwhile, if you are thinking of organising an event. Then we also offer a comprehensive safety training course. This training course provides instruction. And guidance on all aspects of firework safety. And your display by our trained technicians.