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This 20mm compound firework is at the peak of its performance. The Pinnacle 100 shot combination barrage reaches over 90 feet in the air. With massive shots of red strobes, green and silver blink mines. Leading up to vibrant breaks of sea blue with a silver blink. With lemon pearls to deep red blink. Elegant golden palms with bright blue stars. Finally flourishing with titanium silver chrysanthemums.

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Allow Pinnacle to take your firework display to the highest level. With this extraordinarily large 20mm compound firework. After all, Pinnacle is a wonderful 100 shot combination barrage. Coupled with massive shots of red strobes. Then green and silver blink mines. Whilst leading up to vibrant breaks. Of sea blue. With a silver blink. Also bright lemon pearls. To deep red blink. With elegant golden palms. With bright blue stars. Finally, flourishing with titanium chrysanthemums. This astonishing cat 2 barrage lasting 55 seconds. Whilst reaching a height of over 90 feet. With a remarkably good 7 from 10 noise level. All in all, will deliver peak performance? Pinnacle is a compound barrage. Whilst a compound barrage is a larger firework. Which is made from linking smaller barrages together. At the manufacturing stage. So as a result, be aware there may be a delay between each firework section.


Pinnacle has a net explosive weight of 775 gm. Nevertheless, Despite the weight of all barrages and cakes. We recommend that they are always secured on flat ground. To a stake or a post. Whilst using strong tape. Ensuring that the stake or pole is spectator side. Whilst at the same time never leaving fireworks free standing. However, you can find out about keeping your event safe. By reading our firework safety guide. Which we have included within your completed order. Furthermore, you are welcome to download a copy of the firework safety guide. From our website. In addition to visiting our showrooms in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk. Where you will be able to receive plenty of professional firework advice. Whether you are planning a small garden display. Or a large firework event. Not to mention, being able to supply you with all your firework needs. Including all types of fireworks and safety equipment.