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Multi Colour Parade Candle


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Multi Colour Parade Candle

Multi Colour Parade Candle


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The Multi Colour Parade Candle with its rapidly fired shots reaching heights of approximately 70 feet in the air. The 175 shots of red and green pearls are vibrant and full on for the duration of over 35 seconds.

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Introducing the Multi Colour Parade roman candle. Containing 175 shots. Delivering bright red, green and white pearls. Throughout its display. Multi Colour Parade. Has a duration of approximately 35 seconds. With rapidly fired shots. Reaching heights of approximately 70 feet. This quality category 2 roman candle. Also has a net explosive content of 119gm. While also being low noise. Making it ideal for a low noise event. With a noise level rating of 2 out of 10. However our selection of parade candles. Including the Multi Coloured effect. Would stand out at every garden display. Or organised event. Furthermore, this multi colour roman candle. Has a crowd safety distance of approximately 26 feet. Or 8 metres.


All fireworks including Multi Colour Parade. Will need to be set up correctly. So choose your firing site carefully. While one of the key factors. Is having enough distance between the fireworks. And spectators. Including having a fall out area. Additionally, where possible choose a site with flat ground. With no overhead obstructions. Including buildings, cables and trees. Also, ensure that the Multi Colour Parade. Is not left free-standing. While using a stake. Or post in the ground. And then secure the roman candle to the stake or post, using strong tape. Or cable ties.

Meanwhile, ensure you have the correct PPE. Including goggles, gloves, ear defenders. And a hard hat. Also, keep all fireworks away from naked flames. And inflammable material. While never smoking when handling. Or lighting fireworks. Also, remember to always light fireworks at an arm’s length. And never lean over a firework. Once you have ignited your firework. Immediately retreat to a safe distance. Also, firers must be over 18 years of age. And should be familiar with all fireworks. That is being used. Also, remember it is illegal. For anyone under the age of eighteen. To purchase fireworks