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NEW FOR 2021

A vivid and unusual low noise barrages consisting of purple tails to yellow fish with purple core, blue tail to blue falling leaves, gold tail to red fish with gold core, red tail to green strobing waterfall and blue tail to silver fish with blue core.

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Seeing is believing with Mirage. Without a doubt, this 25 shot firework does exist. With this vivid and unusual low noise barrage, consisting of purple tails to yellow fish with purple core. Then blue tail to blue falling leaves, gold tail to red-fish with a gold core, Meanwhile a red tail to a green strobing waterfall. And blue tail to silver-fish with blue core fill the sky. While this low noise category 2 barrage/cake. Has a 2 out of 10 noise level. With a duration of 25 seconds. In the meantime with an 8-metre safety distance. This Mirage doesn’t have to feel so far away. Meanwhile, take a look into our Twilight. A wonderful low noise candle.


Cakes and barrages like Mirage will generally fire in most weather conditions. However, be sure to position spectators where the wind will be blowing in the direction they’re facing. In addition, don’t light fireworks during strong winds. In this case, it may be better to postpone or cancel firework displays. However, you can prepare your fireworks for the rain. Therefore use plastic bags, bin liners or cling film for weatherproofing. Whilst remembering cakes and barrages. Will fire through a single layer of plastic. (Note: do not use on rockets or catherine wheels).

In addition, remember the most susceptible part of the cake or barrage. Is the fuse. So leave exposing the fuse. Until approximately ten minutes before firing. Also, should a firework fail to ignite? remember not to go back to it for at least 15 minutes. Whilst we recommend 60 minutes. Then place the firework in a bucket of water. And soak for 24 hours, before disposing of. In addition to this safety information. Furthermore, safety guidelines can be found. On our safety guide, which we have provided. With your completed order. Additionally, you can check out our website, Where you will find a copy of our safety guide to download.