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NEW FOR 2021

A brand new low noise mix with vibrant red crossettes to green crossette, brocade tail to brocade horsetail, blue tail to blue falling leaves. Yellow crossette followed by purple crossette with a finale of blue tails to silver fish with blue core.

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Labyrinth joins our expanding list of Low Noise Fireworks. In fact, this 25 shot barrage/cake offers a great mix of effects. To begin with we have bright red crossette. followed by a glowing green crossette. Then brocade tail to brocade horsetail. With blue tail to blue falling leaves. Coupled with yellow crossette, purple crossette, blue tail to silver-fish. With a bright blue core. Also, Labyrinth has a duration of 35 seconds. With a low 3 out of ten news level. from this 25mm bore firework. While this category 2 barrage/cake has a crowd safety distance of 15 metres. So if you’re looking for a low noise garden firework. Then this will tick all the right boxes, Meanwhile, take a peep at our low noise fireworks section


Like all our barrages. They will need to be placed on flat ground. And secured. We recommend using a Stake or a pole. Whilst placing the stake or pole crowd side. Meanwhile, check there are no overhead obstructions. However, we recommend helping you get the best from your display. By following the information on our safety guide. Which covers all areas of safety including. Setting up your fireworks. Lighting your fireworks. And above all what you will need to do.

Importantly in the event of a firework failing to ignite. Therefore take a look at our safety guide video. For you to refer to. In your own time. The safety of your display is important. Therefore a copy of our safety guide. Has been supplied with ever completed packaged order. However, you can download a copy of our guide. By just going to our website. All of your fireworks can be brought. Along with all the safety equipment you may need for your firework event. From our website. Or from one of our wonderful retail outlets. For all your professional firework advice.