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Krakatoa doesn’t just sparkle; it roars with elegance. Brace yourself for a sensational 90 seconds of pure magic. Watch it awakens with a radiant shower of gold


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Introducing the Krakatoa Fountain! Prepare to be dazzled as this fiery masterpiece reignites the spirit of awe and wonder in fountain fireworks. Krakatoa doesn’t just sparkle; it roars with elegance and dynamism, setting a new standard in pyrotechnic delight. Brace yourself for a sensational 90 seconds of pure magic.

As the fuse ignites, Krakatoa begins its mesmerizing display. Like a dormant volcano stirring to life, it awakens with a radiant shower of gold, slowly cascading downwards with grace and grandeur. But hold onto your hats, because the spectacle is just getting started!

In the blink of an eye, the golden shower transforms into a mesmerizing array of silver shards, painting the night sky with an ethereal glow. It’s a sight to behold, a symphony of light and colour that leaves onlookers breathless and craving more.

Whilst firework fountains are an excellent addition to any firework display. Whether a small garden event, or a community event.


But fear not, safety is our top priority. Krakatoa may erupt with fiery passion, but it does so from a safe distance of 8 meters, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the show without any worries.

While the real Krakatoa may have lain dormant for centuries, our fountain ignites with every burst, capturing the essence of that legendary fire mountain in a spectacular display of pyrotechnic prowess. So gather round, dear spectators, and witness the magic unfold before your very eyes.

With Krakatoa, the wow factor is back, and it’s bigger, brighter, and more brilliant than ever before. So let’s celebrate in style and let the sparks fly!

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