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The Kaleidoscope barrage starts by flowing from the ground a golden crackling fountain rising skywards, as silver comet tails and coloured pearls launch into the night. With colourful bouquets of red and green falling leaves drifting back to earth. Leading into volleys of red, green and blue pearl mines leading into skyfulls of blue and green flying fish.

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This unusual low noise firework. Kaleidoscope. Constantly generates blissfully changing effects. Notably, starting with a. Red and green crackling fountain. Before changing effects, such as blue stars with silverfish. Red, blue and silver mines. Silvertail comets. Red and green falling leaves. And a finale of blue tails. To silver strobe waterfalls. Kaleidoscope. Additionally, is a low noise firework. With a noise rating of 3 out of 10. And contains a net explosive content of 237gm. With a duration of 20 seconds. In spite of Kaleidoscope being quiet. Whilst offering an amazing selection of effects. As a result this category 2 garden firework. Will always deliver a polished performance. Also, give Crackling Crossette the once over.


Everyone loves a good firework display. With this in mind. We have produced a very good safety guide. Including setting up the various fireworks? Cakes, barrages, rockets. And Catherine wheels. Further safety information can also be found. On the label of each firework. Especially, regarding the safe distances required. For your firer and spectators. For example, a Kaleidoscope has a safe distance. Of 15 meters for your spectators. In addition our guide to safety.  Also, covers the following areas of safety?  Including, what to do in the event of a firework fails to ignite. And advice on weatherproofing. Additionally, we have added. For your information your responsibilities. Including the legal firing times for the UK. Not to mention how to safely unpack your fireworks.

Also, our guide to safety. Can be found on our website. And is available to download. So please take the time. In order to familiarise yourself with the safety guide. Furthermore, we also have two fantastic showrooms. Which sell fireworks all year round. Where you can receive further advice. On all your firework needs. From the firework professionals. Including Weddings, Corporate, Birthdays, Proms, Guy Fawkes and Public Displays.