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Watch as Ignition takes centre stage. A kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. It’s a 146 shot compound cake that packs a punch. It’s a symphony of sound and vision



Explosive weight (g)

Noise level (1-10)

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Get ready to ignite the night sky with the spectacular firework experience of a lifetime! Introducing Ignition – the ultimate thrill for firework enthusiasts craving an adrenaline-fueled display that will leave you in awe. This isn’t just any ordinary firework. It’s a 146 shot compound cake that packs a punch. And unleashes a symphony of colours, lights, and sounds that will dazzle your senses like never before.

From the moment you light the fuse, you’ll feel the anticipation building. As you prepare to witness the explosive spectacle that is Ignition. But remember, safety first! Stand well back and get ready to be swept away as the drama unfolds before your eyes.

With a steady pace that keeps rocking for a mind-blowing 120 seconds. Ignition is not just a firework – it’s a full-blown fireworks extravaganza contained in a single ignition box. Each shot bursts forth with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, painting the night sky in hues of red, blue, green, and gold.

But Ignition doesn’t stop there. Prepare to be amazed as sweeping fan effects light up the darkness, accompanied by crackling silver mines that add an extra layer of excitement to the show. It’s a symphony of sound and vision that will leave you breathless and wanting more.


Whether you’re hosting a Guy Fawkes event or attending a New Year’s Eve larger-than-life fireworks display, Ignition is guaranteed to steal the show and leave a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to witness its brilliance. So why settle for ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary with Ignition?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add some sizzle to your celebrations and make memories that will last a lifetime. Light the fuse, stand back, and watch as Ignition takes centre stage, turning an ordinary night into an unforgettable spectacle of light, colour, and excitement. It’s time to ignite the sky and set your senses ablaze with Ignition – the ultimate treat for firework lovers.

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