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Four Seasons

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Four Seasons

New For 2021 -22 NOW HALF PRICE
Four Seasons

£60.00 £30.00

NEW FOR 2021

A four-pack of vibrant low noise cakes, each with a different flavour.

Spring – Green tail to brocade horsetail, silver strobe mine with goldfish, gold strobe mine with silverfish, green tail to brocade horsetail.

Summer – Purple tail to yellow fish with purple core, yellowtail to yellow strobe waterfall, purple tail to purple strobe waterfall, purple tail to yellow fish with purple core

Autumn – Red and Green Falling Leaves, Red Mine to Green Comet, Green Mine to Red Comet, Red and Green Falling Leaves

Winter – Blue Tail to White Tail Strobe, Silver Tiger Tail with Silver Mine, Blue Tiger Tail with Blue Mine.

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Experience all Four Seasons in one display. With Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Meanwhile starting with Spring. Thus bringing green tails to brocade horsetail. Silver strobe mine to gold-fish. And gold strobe to silver-fish. Meanwhile, after spring comes the Summer. With purple tails to yellow fish. Yellow-tails to a yellow waterfall. Then purple tails to a purple waterfall. Following on, the bright colours of Autumn. Including red and green falling leaves. Then red mine to a green comet. And green mine to a green comet. Finally comes the chill of Winter  With cold blue tails to white strobe. Then silver tail to a silver mine. And blue tail to blue mine. While each of the Four Season barrages/cakes. Are Low Noise category 2 fireworks. Also available, our low noise Whisper Salvo Tripple Pack


It is very important to check the safety distance for your fireworks. Four Seasons will require you to have a safety distance of 20 metres. Please also take notice of the safety distances for your fireworks. This safety information can also be found on the label of your firework. We would like to advise you to check out our safety guide. We have included one in your packaged order. Or you can just go to our amazing web site if need a copy. And there you can download a copy of our safety guide.

We always offer a wide range of safety equipment. Including Portfires and turbo lighters. These will enable you to safely light your fireworks. Which you can always purchase online or in-store at one of our showrooms. So that you can keep safe whilst working with fireworks. Please ensure to follow our safety guide. To make sure that everyone at your event is kept safe.  You can Order all of your fireworks online. Or you can visit one of our showrooms. For all your advice from the firework professionals.