Firework University
F.U. (Firework University)


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F.U. (Firework University)

F.U. (Firework University)


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This 144 shot heavyweight compound starts by firing red mines to red and white strobes, to gold, pale green and blue blinkers. Followed by purple and green peonies. Bright white strobes with palm cores lead to red strobes with palms followed by a volley fired strobing peonies to brilliant brocade crown bouquets finale.

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Firework University (F.U.)

Our Firework University (F.U.) is an impressive 144 shot compound firework. while filling the skies. With shot after shot of red star mine. leading to red with white blink/red star mine to watercolour sky blue. With gold blink/red star mine. To lemon with purple/gold blink Ti golden coconut mine. To Ti golden coconut. With white blink/Ti golden coconut mine. To Ti golden coconut. With green blink/ Ti golden coconut mine. To Ti golden coconut with a red blink. Yellow mine to red coconut with blue star/Yellow mine to green coconut. With purple star/Yellow mine to silver coconut with red star. Brocade Crown mine to Brocade Crown. With Crackling/Brocade Crown mine to Brocade Crown. With blue blink/ Brocade Crown mine to Brocade Crown with a green blink. Meanwhile how about Spiders From Mars

Additionally, Firework University (F.U.) has a net level of explosive content at 1.9kg. While banging out an impressive 8 out of 10 noise rating. Including a duration stretching 1 minute 5 seconds. In addition to straight firing 144 big shots. Also, grab yourself a free Firework University (F.U.) baseball cap.


Firework University (F.U.) is one of our compound fireworks. While compound fireworks are multiple cakes glued together on a wooden board. And then get fused underneath. While leaving one main fuse on top. To make one big firework. While there may be a slight delay between each phase. With that in mind ensure that the firework has completely finished. Before returning to your firing site. Also, DO NOT return to the firework immediately. Leave the firework for at least 15 minutes in case of a delayed ignition. In addition after the display Check the site for fireworks that have failed to ignite. Carefully submerge them in water. Additionally never put used or unused fireworks onto a bonfire. Or click here for our complete safety guide.