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Crazy Cone


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This Crazy Cone is completely mad and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. With bewitching effects, this ” whole lot of madness” comes with brilliant blue pistils & titanium flower, to gold crackling with red & green gems to a titanium crackle with red & yellow stars, low noise lasting approximately 80 seconds.

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The Crazy Cone is mad as a hatter and as crazy as a coconut. And doesn’t pretend to be anything else. With bewitching effects. This category2 fountain offers a whole lot of madness. With brilliant blue pistils & titanium flower, to gold crackling. Also with bright red & glowing green gems to a titanium crackle. As well as bright red & shining yellow stars. With Crazy Cone lasting approximately 80 seconds. Including 400gm of net explosive content. And a fountain cone has a noise level of three out of ten. Additionally, the Crazy Cone is a fantastic fountain. While starting off gently, before surprising everyone by going into a mad frenzy at the end! While this crazy fountain reaches a height of 12 feet. And fills the garden with excellent effects. While delivering a ‘whole lot of crazy’


Please take the time to read the safety information. This information can be found on the Crazy Cone label. Included in the information you will find the safety distance for your spectators. In this case that would be 25 meters. Or otherwise a minimum of 82 feet. Also as with all fountains never leave them to stand freely. Therefore secure them to a stake or post. Or insert into soft ground or sand. Also, fountains are a great addition to a firework display. Especially if you’re having a low noise event. With fountains having great visual effects, without the loud bangs. While here at Dynamic Fireworks. We have a large and stunning range of low noise fireworks. Which also includes Catherine wheels, candles and barrages. While all of these and much more can be purchased all year round. By visiting our showrooms in Colchester and Ipswich. Or by going online and visiting our website. Where we also have links to videos of our products. So you can see them before you buy them.