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Brocade Bomber

Brocade Bomber


This 1.3g effect powerhouse launches a cluster of star mines skywards, with stars trailing skyward as bomb blasts of brilliant dusty brocade fills the skyline, and releasing its cargo of vivid red and green falling leaves. Excellent pace and duration with an impressive finale blast.


Duration (seconds)

Noise level (1-10)

Number of shots

Safety distance (metres)

Explosive weight (g)


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Brocade Bomber.

Bombs away this breathtaking category 2 barrage Brocade Bomber. With 80 blue mines exploding skyward. Whilst filling the sky with folds of thick gold foil brocades. With huge bright flashes that explode. Into bright green and red falling stars. Brocade Bomber takes off with 80 big shots. With a flight time of 35 seconds. Whilst offering a pounding 8 out of 10 noise level. Including 465gm of explosive content. In addition, adding Brocade Bomber to your firework display. Will see you promoted to Squadron Leader without delay. In contrast, why not consider Ammo Store 3 pack


It’s important to remember all fireworks contain explosive material. Including Brocade Bomber. With this in mind, it’s also important to keep yourself. And you spectators safe. For this reason, we have included our guide to safety. With your completed purchase of our quality fireworks. Our guide to safety can also be found on our website. Where you can download a copy. And purchase your fireworks all year round. In addition, we also provide safety equipment. Including gloves, goggles and earplugs. However, you can check out the firework label for further information. For example safety distances. And in the case of Brocade Bomber. This would be a minimum of 20 meters. (Approximately 65 feet).

In addition when setting up your fireworks. Not to mention making sure it is well away from the following. Buildings, vehicles, trees, hedges, fences, power lines. Always have a supply of water nearby in case. If you can’t find a safe area near a water hose. Then fill up several buckets of water and bring them with you to the site. To be extra safe, have a fire extinguisher nearby as well. And never leave a burning/smouldering bonfire or fireworks, unsupervised. making sure it is completely extinguished. And placed in a bucket of water for 24 hours.