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Blue Tiger Tails

Blue Tiger Tails


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Get a tidal wave of low noise effects from the Blue Tiger Tails cake. With wave after wave of vivid blue pearls heading sky bound to over sixty to seventy feet. A swell category 2 low noise firework for the noise conscious, or for a gender reveal party. Excellent duration and pace over 30 seconds.


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Explosive weight (g)

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Check out the Blue Tiger Tails. And get a tidal wave of low noise effects. With wave after wave of vivid blue pearls. This category 2 barrage will flood the night time sky. Whilst reaching the tidal heights of sixty to seventy feet. Notably a swell low noise cake. Delivering 72 shots that will delight not just the noise conscious. Also, in addition, Blue Tiger Tails makes a wonderful effect for a gender reveal party. Do not be put off by its low noise status. This barrage will send a wave of happiness through your crowd.


This is one Blue Tiger Tails you don’t want to get wet. So, check the forecast for any rain. You can keep fireworks dry before firing. by following our guidelines. Such as, plastic bags, bin liners and cling film. (Do not use on Catherine Wheels or Rockets). Each of these will have a great effect against weather proofing. And remember cakes and barrages will fire through one layer of plastic.

Also remember it is illegal to set off fireworks after 11pm and before 7am. Except for the following. New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year which is 1am. And November 5th, which is midnight. Also, we recommend   you take time to inform your neighbours in advance. Especially if there are young children. elderly, pets or animals in the area. In particular take time to read our safety guide. That you would have been given a copy with your completed firework order. We also have a copy online. Please feel free to download from our website. Another key point is to ensure your spectators. keep to a safe distance. Blue Ocean requires a safe distance of at least 15 meters. However, you can find all this information on the label of the firework.