By Dynamic Fireworks,
Fireworks testing

Every year when our fireworks arrive from China, a trip which takes six weeks and covers 11907 nautical miles, we have to check every type of fireworks to ensure it is as it should be. By this, I mean that the design on the label is correct, complete with all the appropriate instruction text and in the correct language, that the firework has the right effects loaded into each tube, and that it lasts for the right duration.

Testing and filming the fireworks

So, a couple of times a year we head off to a remote location and inspect, set up, fire, and film the newly arrived stock of fireworks. This gives us the chance to film every firework so we can then use the footage on our website and social media for you to see what you can expect from the fireworks.

Having good quality footage of UK landed stock is vital so that customers can sit in the comfort of their own home and watch each firework before they make the decision of which ones to buy, And can be a valuable tool in the shops around a busy Guy Fawkes when customers cannot make their mind up when confronted with the extensive range we have on our shelves.

This is how we prepare for a firework testing day

We have to watch the weather in advance, making sure that it’s not raining and that the wind is just right, blowing in the right direction and not too strong, just enough to blow the smoke away 😊

We have our carefully selected venue with ample space to safely fire over 50 individual fireworks and a man with a high-quality HD camera to capture the stunning array of colours and effects.

It takes quite a while to set up the fireworks correctly, ensuring each one is secured properly, tubes to launch rockets from, and posts to attach Catherine wheels too.

We have chosen late March, as it is just before the clocks go forward, so we can start filming earlier and therefore finish earlier!

All in all, the firing takes about two hours, and then another two hours to clear up the following day, then it’s over to our IT department to edit the videos, add the appropriate information before it goes live on our website, a very time-consuming job.

See, it doesn’t have to be Guy Fawkes so we can get our Firework Fix!!!