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Need something quieter, check out our Low Noise Fireworks range

Here at Dynamic Fireworks, we understand that not everybody wants big and loud fireworks and prefer fireworks that are completely silent. That may be because you have young children or you have sensitive hearing. The elderly or livestock is nearby. You are a dog owner, cat owner or another pet owner, and you have other pets that are afraid of the fireworks. Maybe you just don’t like the loud noises but love to watch fireworks happen. That’s why we have a wide range of low noise fireworks. Which focus on pretty colours, unusual effects and unique displays with aerial explosions, without the loud noises. These low noise fireworks will be reducing the stress that is normally caused by loud fireworks on bonfire night.

We have marked all our quiet fireworks with the low noise symbol to help you find the best quiet fireworks for your display. There is no such thing as silent fireworks but we have many levels of quiet fireworks for you to choose from. Some with whistles, other with crackles and a few with pops of colour.

We have an extensive range of low noise fireworks consisting of over  45 different fireworks. Including colourful cakes and barrages, exciting Catherine Wheels, vibrant roman candles to forceful and colour pretty fountains.

Low noise Roman Candles

Almost our entire collection of Roman Candles is low noise fireworks. The candles are designed to last up to 40 seconds, depending on the type of candle you choose. What you will get is a range of colourfull sparks and sprinklers which will shoot from the ground up in the air.

Low noise fountains

Put the fountain on an even spot on the ground and enjoy a display of beautiful colours and sparkles! We have fountains that have low noise levels, which makes them perfect to watch with little kids who are afraid of the loud noises, completely silent or quieter fireworks will help with reducing the fear of fireworks and reducing the stress caused by fireworks. We even have a low noise fountain that lasts up to 100 seconds!

Low noise Catherine wheels

Low noise Catherine Wheels need to be attached to an upright pole or system that gives it the chance to spin. After the fireworks are lit it will give a spinning display of great visual effects. Our carousel wheel will give an amazing display of gold sparkles lasting up to 50 seconds

Low noise barrages and cakes

Our barrages and cakes are also available in low noise. These ground based fireworks usually come with loud bangs but we have got them are to be put on the ground, from which they will give you a display of colourful shots.

So much choice, so little noise!